Will Google's Nexus One Make Droid Owners Regretful?

With the arrival of Google's new "Super Phone," the Nexus One, industry insiders weigh in on what it means to Android smartphone makers -- and those who just bought a Droid.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- If you rushed out to buy a new Droid phone from Motorola based on reviews and the heavy marketing campaign, congratulations, your phone's been made obsolete by Google.

That's an exaggeration, but today's release of Google's Nexus One, what the company describes as a new generation of "super phone," has clearly moved the high-flying Droid down a peg or two from the perch as the hottest Android phone.

"Google has talked about equal opportunities for developers, but now it's showing that some Android devices are more equal than others," said Michael Gartenberg, vice president of strategy and analysis at Interpret.

"If I were [Android supporters] LG or Samsung, I'd be feeling pretty bad right now," Gartenberg told InternetNews.com. "And if I'm a Droid user, I'd be feeling some buyer's remorse now. You might even think, 'Well the Nexus One is on T-Mobile and I want to be on Verizon,' but you can't even say that for long because Google has already said Verizon will ship a Nexus One this spring."

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Will Droid Owners Get Buyer's Remorse?


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