Mobile Development in Demand for 2010

Mobile is hot, hot, hot for this year in terms of desired skill sets. Mobile developers, particularly for Android, are in demand.

IT contractors with Web-related development skills have the most sought-after talents heading into 2010, while demand for mobile developers is growing quickly, according to a new study by Elance. In particular, the online contract worker marketplace said 2010 is shaping up to be a hot year for developers with PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress and Adobe Flash skills, as well as designers with Photoshop expertise. Demand for those skilled in the MySQL database also cracked a Elance's top-ten list of 2010's most requested skills.

As the economy nosedived in 2009, Elance said its business picked up as many IT shops looked to contract workers instead of employing full-timers. Elance said employers posted over 300,000 new jobs for the year and its service providers raked in almost $70 million.

For the closing year, Elance gave PHP its "MVP" award as the most consistently in-demand skill. The server-side scripting language, which originated in the mid-'90s, reached version 5.3.1 in late November.

Mobile Developers in Demand

Android also made a splash in 2009. Even though the Google-backed mobile OS ranked 35th in Elance's index of the most in-demand skills, it saw a huge jump from its position as No. 75 last year -- and even overshadowed interest in Apple iPhone development talent, which came in at No. 38. Overall, the biggest rise in job skill demand came in the general Mobile category, which soared 103 points to No. 67 on the list of 2009's hottest IT skills.

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