Apple A4 Processor Powers iPad

The iPad is being dubbed by some industry watchers as "a really big iPhone," but there's a huge difference in terms of hardware. Can you say, 'Apple A4 processor'?

The Apple iPhone has been a game-changing device in many ways, but it will never win any performance awards. Its processors are underclocked, meaning set to run slower than they can, to reduce heat and conserve battery power. The result is a phone that is decidedly lacking in pep.

But the iPad looks to be much faster. At its launch Wednesday, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs said "it just screams." Those who have had hands-on experience concur. "It is blazingly fast from what we can tell," wrote gadget blog Engadget.

"This thing is very fast," said Nathan Brookwood, research fellow with Insight 64, who attended the event. "You flip from landscape to portrait mode and before your hand has stopped moving the screen has caught up. That has not been my experience with the iPhone. So it's a very fast processor."

As is typical of Apple product launches, Jobs did not go into technical details. He simply said the iPad uses the "Apple A4" processor, which Brookwood joked sounds like the name of a highway in England.

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