Welcome to the New EnterpriseMobileToday Newsletter

Welcome to the New EnterpriseMobileToday Newsletter

The new EnterpriseMobileToday.com newsletter delivers a concise aggregation of everything that mobile IT decision makers need to know: breaking news, the latest trends and market research, vendor updates, practical how-to articles and reviews of hardware, applications and mobile management solutions. It enables senior management to leverage the deep archives and fresh insights of the Internet.com community, tapping into the collective wisdom of 15 million information technology professionals.

In essence, the newsletter is a single-page presentation of the critical information that senior mobile technology managers must have every day to manage their business -- and stay ahead of the competition.

The EnterpriseMobileToday newsletter will contain essential analysis and data such as:
  • In-depth feature articles about mobile solutions with comments from recognized experts.

  • Practical advice on mobile security, apps, deployment, strategy and more.

  • eBooks covering emerging trends such as smartphone security, cloud computing and much more.

  • Leading research from organizations such as Gartner and IDC that details cost-conscious data center strategies.

  • Buyer's Guides that include best-practices for selecting the mobile software and hardware that best suits your company's needs.

    The newsletter is a portal that allows IT decision-makers to listen to -- and participate in -- discussions within the large and ever-growing Internet.com community.

    To spur this lively discussion, we offer constantly updated coverage along with an extensive, searchable database of articles, featuring professionally written resources about the complete IT landscape: mobile technology and management, vendor upgrades, outsourcing, cloud computing, virtualization, security, networking, databases and more. If it involves IT management, we have presented top coverage of it for more than a decade.
  • By the way, this new newsletter is only the first of our many new planned offerings. As we continue to offer new products and features, please share your feedback. We look to the members of the Internet.com community to offer guidance as we continually expand and deepen our coverage. Please send me, Michelle Megna, managing editor, a note at mmegna@internet.com.