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BlackBerry 10 Delayed, RIM Shedding 5,000 Jobs

Research in Motion delays BlackBerry 10 after a disappointing quarter.

Mobile Internet Use Climbs Dramatically

New data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project points to a steady shift in how users access the Internet.

iPhone 5 to Have NFC, Mobile Payments, Rumors Say

Apple is said to be including NFC capabilities in the iPhone 5 this fall.

Microsoft's Tablet Surfaces

Microsoft takes on the iPad with hardware of its own and innovative accessories.

IDC: Apple Tightens Grip on Growing Tablet Market

IDC revises tablet forecast upward as business buying picks up and Microsoft gets ready to flex its marketing muscle ahead of the Windows 8 launch.

iPad to Lose Market Share to Android Tablets, Says IDG

New survey reports that IT and business professionals will favor Android tablets over iPads in the coming year.

Hands-On Reviews of MacBook Pro Retina

Early impressions of Apple’s high-def laptop have reviewers using words like “mindblowing” and “stunning.”

Apple Updates MacBooks, Announces IOS 6

MacBook Pro gets a major hardware refresh as Apple excites developers with new tech at WWDC12.

Google: 900K Android Activations a Day

A rumor prompts Google's Andy Rubin to disclose Android's enviable rate of adoption.

Prepaid iPhone Plans Coming Soon from Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel's Virgin Mobile USA brand will start selling contract-free iPhones beginning June 29.

Google Acquires Quickoffice, Sets Stage for BYOD Showdown

Google snaps up the Office-friendly app maker as Microsoft works to bring its productivity software to tablets.

Toshiba 21:9 Widescreen Satellite U845W Review Roundup

Early hands-on impressions of new Toshiba ultrabook say it’s a niche notebook that takes an interesting approach.

Windows 8 Will Drive Massive Hardware Shift. Who Wins?

It’s not yet clear what hardware configuration, touch or otherwise, will benefit most from Windows 8 adoption.

Windows 8 Tablet Announcements Coming Next Week?

Rumors suggest that three new tablets based on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS will be announced next week, though probably won't be available until the fall.

Review Roundup of Latest Chromebook From Google, Samsung

Google's latest Chromebook gets mixed reviews from USA Today, CNET, Engadget and others.

Google Tablet Rumored To Be Announced June 27

Google is rumored to be coming out with a Nexus tablet in July for $200.

Only Seven Android Phones Have Ice Cream Sandwich

The latest Android OS has only been installed on a handful of devices, though more are coming soon.

1 in 2 Own Smartphones, Have an Average of 41 Apps

The latest Nielsen survey of smartphone users also found that Android and iOS users are the largest percentage, at 88 percent.

2012 MacBook Pro to Have Retina Display, Rumor Says

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a thinner, lighter MacBook Pro with a Retina display.

iPad Mini Rumored for October Release

Apple is said to be developing a 7-inch iPad for fall 2012 release. But some signs suggest otherwise.

Apple May Sell $799 MacBook Air, Rumors Suggest

Supply-chain sources told DigiTimes that Apple may offer a low-cost MacBook Air in Q3 2012.

Apple to Offer Mobile Service, Analyst Predicts

Not content to disrupt the music, e-book, textbook, and other industries, Apple will try to shake up the mobile wireless space too, an analyst predicts.

Future BlackBerrys Will Have Keypads, Says RIM CEO

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins says there will be touchscreen and keypad BlackBerry models in the company’s future.

Google Drive Stirs Concern About Data Privacy

Are you worried Google will learn your company's secrets? Some companies warn their employees not to use the new Google Drive or Gmail for these and other reasons. 

Microsoft Adds Paid SkyDrive Plans and New Desktop Apps

Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage service gets competitive with Dropbox and SugarSync.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Points to Liquidmetal Case

Apple’s next iPhone should be out in October, encased in a 'liquid metal' metal alloy.

Wrist Watch Pairs with iPhone and Android Devices

A start-up raised over $4 million to fund a "smart watch" that connects via Bluetooth to iPhone and Android devices.

Are the BlackBerry and Windows Phone OS Doomed?

Recent headlines paint a dismal future for the BlackBerry and Windows Phone. 

Nokia Lumia 900 Phone Free Until April 21

To compensate for a software glitch, Nokia is offering a $100 credit to Lumia 900 users.

Unlock Your Old iPhone Without Jailbreaking

AT&T is now allowing you to unlock old, off-contract iPhones. But you might still experience a roadblock.

Nokia Lumia 900 Reviews Call it Best Windows Phone Yet

Reviewers say the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone has a lot to recommend it, but suffers from lack of third-party apps and some other problems, such as call quality. 

First Sprint 4G LTE Smartphone to Debut Soon

Sprint is set to roll out its first 4G LTE smartphones a few months ahead of its 4G network. 

An iPhone With a 3D Camera May Be in the Picture

A patent filing suggests Apple is working on a 3D camera for future iOS devices. 

Most iPhone 4S Owners Like Siri But Do Not Use Many Features

Siri has proven to a popular addition to the iPhone 4S—even if users aren’t taking advantage of the virtual assistant’s many capabilities.

New iPad is Hot, Literally

Is the honeymoon over between consumers and the new iPad less than a week after its release? 

Android Under Fire In The News

Google’s mobile operating system has been hit with some bad news lately, from ads that drain batteries to malware concerns.

New iPad Reviews are Highly Positive

Apple’s new iPad arrives in stores tomorrow. So far, reviewers have been fairly consistent about two things: They love the iPad’s high-definition Retina display and the 4G network connectivity is super fast.

Amazon Kindle Fire - The Latest BYOD Gadget?

Good Technology has released a version of its mobile enterprise platform for the Amazon tablet/e-reader.

AT&T to Add 4G LTE to 14 More Markets

The wireless carrier will be expanding its 4G LTE network to cities in the South, Midwest, and Staten Island.

What's Missing from the New iPad?

As expected, Apple announced a new iPad on Tuesday. But there were still some surprises.

A Sneak Peek at Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean is expected to be optimized for tablets as well as notebooks and netbooks, among other features.

AT&T Working Hard to Defend Its Worst Carrier Rep?

Several recent moves by AT&T, such as throttling heavy data users' speeds, are not exactly customer-friendly.

iPad 3 Announcement Expected March 7

Apple will reportedly introduce its next iPad on March 7 and start shipping it two days later. Meanwhile, Best Buy recently cut iPad 2 prices by $50.

iPhone 5 Rumor Mill Foresees New Dock Connector

Reports suggest Apple may phase out the 30-pin dock connector in favor of a newly designed, smaller connector--making more room inside the next iPhone for 4G radio or other components.

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?

Rumor has it versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the iPad will soon be available.

Samsung Galaxy Note Reviews Ask Is Big Better?

AT&T begins selling the Samsung Galaxy Note on Feb. 19. Initial reviews call it everything from "unfortunate" to "one of the best phones on the market."

Are iPhone Apps Stealing Your Address Book Info?

VentureBeat reports that a number of iOS apps including Facebook and Twitter send names, email addresses, and phone numbers of your contacts to their servers--some of them without users' knowledge.

A Mobile Phone That Spots Depression

University scientists are working on a phone designed to help reduce depression.

Google Announces Chrome for Android Beta

After nearly four years, Google announces a version of Chrome for Android devices. But there's a catch.

Smartphone Battery Life Improves Only 1 Percent Annually

Despite rapid, ongoing improvements in smartphone processors and features, battery life lags way behind.

Google Bolsters Android Security

Google formally announces Bouncer, a service that automatically checks to ensure that apps uploaded to the Android Market aren’t malicious.

Android Fragmentation? No Worries

A new study says 73 percent of Android handsets use the same OS version.

Samsung Galaxy Note Arrives Feb. 19

Will Samsung's smartphone/tablet hybrid be too big for practical use as a phone and too small as a tablet?

iPhone 5 Specs Leaked

Next Apple smartphone will have a 4-inch display, according to a trusted source.

Are Pagers Dead?

Smartphone apps like OnPage aspire to drive the final nail in the pager’s coffin.

UN Approves Super Fast Mobile Technology

Smartphones and tablets will be about 500 times faster, thanks to new wireless standards

Apple iPhone Sales Nearly Tied with Android

Nielsen Mobile survey shows iPhone sales are catching up to Android. Meanwhile, Apple cofounder talks about how Android phones outperform iPhones.

Best of CES 2012 Awards

A Windows Phone, an HP laptop, and an Asus tablet win this year’s Best of CES honors.  

Apple iPad 3 Rumors Buzzing

Apple’s next tablet will likely be slightly thicker and faster and may feature Siri.  

At Consumer Electronics Show, Thin Is In

At CES, a new smartphone, tablet, and ultrabook are said to the thinnest of their kind.

AT&T LTE Now Available in 11 New Areas

AT&T adds 4G LTE service to New York City metro area, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other markets, bringing LTE coverage to a total of 26 markets.

Notebook PC Growth to Continue, Despite Tablet Popularity

New report says notebook shipments will continue to grow over the next five years, despite the red-hot popularity of tablets

The Best iPhone Apps

Five apps, from free to $40, to get you started with your new iPhone

How to Sell an Old iPhone

You can get money for an old iPhone from Apple, Amazon, and eBay. Guess which one might earn you the most?

How to Save Money on Gadgets

Three tips for saving money when you buy mobile devices

Apple Wins a Ruling in Smartphone Patent Wars

Apple wins one, loses one in its patent case against Android smartphone maker HTC

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now Available

The first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone in the U.S. sells for $299 with a two-year contract

Carrier iQ Explains Its Diagnostic Software

The company behind the controversial mobile device diagnostic software releases a 19-page explanation.

Rumor: Apple & Samsung Planning HD Tablets in 2012

HD tablets are reportedly on their way from Apple and Samsung early next year

Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to AT&T in the U.S.?

The FCC has approved Samsung's tablet/smartphone hybrid with AT&T bands

AT&T Subscribers Get No Satisfaction

Consumer Reports readers rank AT&T last in customer satisfaction--while a provider you may not have heard of earns the top score.

Carrier iQ - There's an App For That

As the controversy reaches Washington, there's a new app in the Android Market designed to detect the diagnostic software.

RIM Enterprise Software to Support iOS & Android Devices

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion software will securely link employees' personal devices to the BlackBerry network.

Sprint Unlimited Data Plan Doomed?

Analysts speculate that Sprint may have to discontinue its all-you-can eat data plan to keep their data network speedy as it transitions to LTE

Apple Black Friday Sales Leaked

Apple's Black Friday discounts were supposed to be a secret but have been leaked on the Internet.


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