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iPhone-to-Windows-Phone 'Translation Dictionary' Out

Comparing it to a French-to-English dictionary, Microsoft releases the first draft of programmer's iOS-to-Windows-Phone dictionary.

White iPhone 4 Finally on Sale

PC Magazine: In addition, the iPad 2 is now available in Japan.

Google Docs for Android Turns Pics into Editable Docs

eWeek: Google Docs application for Android lets users turn photos with text into documents that may be edited.

Verizon's LTE Network Running Again After Outage

Brighthand: Folks across America report that Verizon's 4G service is running again after an outage yesterday.

Motorola XOOM Software Update Coming Soon

Mobile Burn: Software upgrade for Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet on Verizon will address bugs and add features.

Apple Cutting CDMA iPhone 4 Production by Half?

BGR: DigiTimes reports that orders for CDMA iPhone 4 units have been cut by 50 percent.

Nokia Outsourcing Symbian OS to Accenture

eWeek: Mobile phone giant to lay off 4,000 works as well in bid to save $1.4 billion.

Windows Phones Join Location Scandal

The Register: Add Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to the list of mobile operating systems that silently transmit the precise physical location data.

Google's Smartphone Goldmine

InformationWeek: Survey says mobile devices like Smartphones are used to help make shopping decisions.

Fring Brings Group Video Calls to Mobile Devices

Mobile Burn: The app update supports Android and iOS devices.

4G BlackBerry PlayBook Coming in June?

BGR: RBC Capital Markets says PlayBook sales may have exceeded RIM's expectations.

Images Show BlackBerry PlayBook Running Android Honeycomb

TFTS: RIM's tablet PC will already be capable of running Android applications in an emulator.

You Can't Hid from Mobile Geo-Tracking

eWeek: Apple and Google tracking your every move has got some folks very disturbed.

Leaked Pics May Reveal Apple iPhone 5

Brighthand: A couple of images of what is supposed to be Apple's next-generation iPhone appear.

iPhone Location-Gate Triggers Lawsuit

Mobile Burn: Apple's current privacy-centric public relations debacle isn't about to end anytime soon, apparently.

AT&T Getting 16GB White iPhone 4s

BGR: It appears no 32GB iPhone 4 models will be available, however.

Apple Planning New MacBook Airs for June?

PC Magazine: The current version of Apple's ultra-think mobile computers is around six months of age.

AT&T Aids Communications in Disaster Zones

eWeek: Carrier's Remote Mobility Zone lets users set up a cell site in less than 30 minutes.

iPhone 4 May Hit T-Mobile Apple apparently testing an iPhone with T-Mobile USA‘s 3G cellular-wireless band.

Lenovo Targets Androd Tablet for Summer

Mobile Burn: Leading laptop vendor to release an Android 3.0 tablet PC with a stylus this summer, according ot report.

Analyst Slashes iPad Forcast

BGR: Apple' reports lower than expected iPad tablets sales during the first quarter.

iOS Maintains Huge Lead Over Android

The Inquirer: Apple smartphone and tablet platform holds a significant market share lead over Google's Android operating system in Europe.

Why iPhone Location Tracking Isn't Harmless

The Register: Apparently, the secret Apple database of iPhone owners location data is already being used by the police.

Sprint Closer to Debuting Samsung Nexus S 4G

Brighthand: Evidence points to Sprint releasing its ownversion of own 4G version of the Samsung Nexus S smartphone.

U.S. Army enlists Android Handheld

Mobile Burn: Google to produce what's called the Joint Battle Command-Platform mobile device.

RIM Announcing One Handset at BlackBerry World?

BGR: Although it has numerous devices in the pipeline, RIM may only introduce one at its main event.

Apple Accounted for 85% of Tablet Market Last Year

The Inquirer: Apple won't own the market in quite the same way in 2011.

Sync RockMelt for iPhone with Mac, PC Web Content

eWeek: RockMelt allows users to port all of their RockMelt Facebook and Twitter feeds desktop to their iPhone.

2.5GHz ARM Processors for Mobile Devices Set for 2012

InformationWeek: ARM Cortex-A15 tablets and smartphones coming late next year.

Intel Working on Processor for Honeycomb Tablets

Mobile Burn: Expect to find Intel chips in Android-run tablets later this year.

Skyfire Updates Mobile Android Browser

BGR: Four new features added to mobile browser for Android smartphones.

AT&T Crippling Major BlackBerry PlayBook Features

The Register: New tablet PC apparently can't synchronize with BlackBerrys on AT&T's network.

Motorola Delays Droid Bionic Smartphone 4G LTE mobile device won't ship until the third quarter of this year.

Revamp of iOS Multitasking Coming?

Brighthand: Apple only added support for running third-party apps in the background last year.

T-Mobile Rolls Out Free Facebook VoIP Calling

MobileBurn: Carrier planning additional Facebook tie-ins as well.

T-Mobile Ships Sidekick 4G

BGR: T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, which is built by Samsung,sports a 1GHz processor and the keyboard some folks have come to love.

Million People Download Mobile App

PC Magazin: iPhone,iPod and iPad app downloaded over a million times now.

HTC Developing 16MB Camera for Windows Phone 7 Handset Megapixels are still an important factor for consumers when it comes to smartphones.

RIM Rolls Out BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Today

Brighthand: RIM's tablet PC just started hitting store shelves.

Sprint May Share Network with LightSquared, Clearwire

Mobile Burn: Report says Sprint is in late-stages talks with Clearwire and LightSquared about network sharing agreements.

Video: White iPhone 4

BGR: Factory white iPhone 4 with 64GB of storage and iPhone 4.

Samsung Develops Dual-Core 2GHz Mobile Chip Processor to land in mobile devices next year.

Intel, AMD Sets Sights on Tablets, Smartphones

eWeek: Intel and AMD gearing up to take on ARM in the burgeoning tablet and smartphone spaces.

HP Delivers EliteBook Mobile Workstations

InformationWeek: Mobile workstations more durable than previous models.

Kyocera Ships Echo Dual-Screen Smartphone

Brighthand: Sprint is now offering the unique 4G smartphone.

Verizon Wireless Shipping 4G LTE MiFi

BGR: Available online now, the Verizon Wireless MiFi 4510L 4G LTE mobile hotspot will hit store shelves later this week.

FCC Reviewing AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

The Register: Federal Communications Commission starts formally reviewing the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T.

Critics Not Thrilled by BlackBerry PlayBook

InformationWeek: RIM's first tablet PC knocked for lack of native email support, lack of applications, and buggy software.

Apple Releases Minor iPhone Updates

Brighthand: iOS 4.3.2 and iOS 4.2.7 now available for the AT&T and Verizon editions of the iPhone.

T-Mobile Launches Dual-Core LG Smartphone

Mobile Burn:You can now buy T-Mobile's G2x dual-core Android smartphone.

More Than 350,000 Android Phones Activated Daily

BGR: Many are saying Google's Android platform is now th world's top mobile operating system.

White iPhone 4 Coming Soon, Really

Mobile Burn: Report cites three people familiar with Apple's white iPhone plans.

The Catch Behind T-Mobile's Unlimited Data Plan

InformationWeek: Plan offers unlimited voice, messaging, and data--up to only 2GB though.

More Info on Next Major Windows Phone 7 Update

Brighthand: Microsoft starts talking up the next Windows Phone 7 update as it continues to struggle delivering the first one.

Pre-Order Google Nexus S 4G from Best Buy

Mobile Burn: The Android-run phone goes $199.99 with a new two-year agreement.

Promos for New BlackBerry Models Leak

BGR: Promo videos for BlackBerry Touch 9900 and Touch 9860 appear online.

Report: No iPad 3 for Fall 2011

eWeek: There likely won't be a new edition of the Apple Tablet PC this year, according to a report.

Motorola Xoom to Go 4G on Sprint

InformationWeek: Will WiMax boost the fortunes of Motorola's tablet PC?

AT&T Prepping First Pre-Paid Smartphone

Brighthand: LG Thrive to become carrier's first smartphone to be available on a pre-paid, no-contract basis.

T-Mobile to Offer Unlimited Cellular Plan

Mobile Burn: Unlimited calling, text messages and data usage to go for $79.99 per month.

Supplies Say No Truth to iPhone 5 Rumors

BGR: Touch panel makers assert Apple's offered no information on the next-generation iPhone’s production timeline.

iPhone 5 May Not Arrive Until 2012

The Register: Apple fans may have to wait till next year before they can trade up their iPhone 4s for Apple's fifth generation smartphone.

FuzeBox Now Supports iPad 2, Android 3.0 Tablets

InformationWeek: Fuze Meeting now lets tablet users receive video within full conferencing experiences.

Verizon Wireless to Get Droid Incredible 2 The Droid Incredible 2 has been expected for a while now thanks to leaked images and specs.

Android Gingerbread On Tap for T-Mobile G2

Mobile Burn: HTC spokesperson tells magazine Android OS 2.3 headed the G2's way soon.

Permanent iPhone Unlock No Jailbreak Required?

BGR: Rumor has it there is a new permanent unlock solution for the Apple iPhone.

A Mix and Match of iPad Cases

PC World: Scouring the Web for the best in cases to protect your Apple tablet goodness.

RIM CEO Responds to Critics

TFTS: Mike Lazaridis doesn't understand the negativity of some critics regarding his company.

Flash Bug Delaying BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Adobe swears Flash can work on tablets, but Apple refuses to use it, and it looks like RIM has run into problems with the Web technology.

Check Out Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible 2

Brighthand: Verizon has yet to announce high-end Android-run HTC Droid Incredible 2.

Adobe Rolls Out Trio of iPad Apps

BGR: Software company brings Photoshop functionality to tablet PCs.

Google Upgrades Android Security, Management

eWeek: More workers are using smartphones and tablets based on the open the source platform than ever before.

Librarians Rejoice: Android App Helps Tidy Bookshelves.

The Register: Augmented-reality application can tell which books are out of order on a bookshelf.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Launch Date Set

Brighthand: The Android-run next-gen model in the venerable smartphone series to shop in three weeks.

FCC Wants to Strengthen Cellular Signal Boosters Guidelines

Mobile Burn: The new rules are designed to prevent interference with existing networks from cellular boosters in buildings and cars.


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