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iPhone-to-Windows-Phone 'Translation Dictionary' Out

Comparing it to a French-to-English dictionary, Microsoft releases the first draft of programmer's iOS-to-Windows-Phone dictionary.

White iPhone 4 Finally on Sale

PC Magazine: In addition, the iPad 2 is now available in Japan.

Google Docs for Android Turns Pics into Editable Docs

eWeek: Google Docs application for Android lets users turn photos with text into documents that may be edited.

Verizon's LTE Network Running Again After Outage

Brighthand: Folks across America report that Verizon's 4G service is running again after an outage yesterday.

Motorola XOOM Software Update Coming Soon

Mobile Burn: Software upgrade for Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet on Verizon will address bugs and add features.

Apple Cutting CDMA iPhone 4 Production by Half?

BGR: DigiTimes reports that orders for CDMA iPhone 4 units have been cut by 50 percent.

Nokia Outsourcing Symbian OS to Accenture

eWeek: Mobile phone giant to lay off 4,000 works as well in bid to save $1.4 billion.

Windows Phones Join Location Scandal

The Register: Add Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to the list of mobile operating systems that silently transmit the precise physical location data.

Google's Smartphone Goldmine

InformationWeek: Survey says mobile devices like Smartphones are used to help make shopping decisions.

Fring Brings Group Video Calls to Mobile Devices

Mobile Burn: The app update supports Android and iOS devices.

4G BlackBerry PlayBook Coming in June?

BGR: RBC Capital Markets says PlayBook sales may have exceeded RIM's expectations.

Images Show BlackBerry PlayBook Running Android Honeycomb

TFTS: RIM's tablet PC will already be capable of running Android applications in an emulator.

You Can't Hid from Mobile Geo-Tracking

eWeek: Apple and Google tracking your every move has got some folks very disturbed.

Leaked Pics May Reveal Apple iPhone 5

Brighthand: A couple of images of what is supposed to be Apple's next-generation iPhone appear.

iPhone Location-Gate Triggers Lawsuit

Mobile Burn: Apple's current privacy-centric public relations debacle isn't about to end anytime soon, apparently.

AT&T Getting 16GB White iPhone 4s

BGR: It appears no 32GB iPhone 4 models will be available, however.

Apple Planning New MacBook Airs for June?

PC Magazine: The current version of Apple's ultra-think mobile computers is around six months of age.

AT&T Aids Communications in Disaster Zones

eWeek: Carrier's Remote Mobility Zone lets users set up a cell site in less than 30 minutes.

iPhone 4 May Hit T-Mobile Apple apparently testing an iPhone with T-Mobile USA‘s 3G cellular-wireless band.

Lenovo Targets Androd Tablet for Summer

Mobile Burn: Leading laptop vendor to release an Android 3.0 tablet PC with a stylus this summer, according ot report.

Analyst Slashes iPad Forcast

BGR: Apple' reports lower than expected iPad tablets sales during the first quarter.

iOS Maintains Huge Lead Over Android

The Inquirer: Apple smartphone and tablet platform holds a significant market share lead over Google's Android operating system in Europe.

Why iPhone Location Tracking Isn't Harmless

The Register: Apparently, the secret Apple database of iPhone owners location data is already being used by the police.

Sprint Closer to Debuting Samsung Nexus S 4G

Brighthand: Evidence points to Sprint releasing its ownversion of own 4G version of the Samsung Nexus S smartphone.

U.S. Army enlists Android Handheld

Mobile Burn: Google to produce what's called the Joint Battle Command-Platform mobile device.

RIM Announcing One Handset at BlackBerry World?

BGR: Although it has numerous devices in the pipeline, RIM may only introduce one at its main event.

Apple Accounted for 85% of Tablet Market Last Year

The Inquirer: Apple won't own the market in quite the same way in 2011.

Sync RockMelt for iPhone with Mac, PC Web Content

eWeek: RockMelt allows users to port all of their RockMelt Facebook and Twitter feeds desktop to their iPhone.

2.5GHz ARM Processors for Mobile Devices Set for 2012

InformationWeek: ARM Cortex-A15 tablets and smartphones coming late next year.

Intel Working on Processor for Honeycomb Tablets

Mobile Burn: Expect to find Intel chips in Android-run tablets later this year.

Skyfire Updates Mobile Android Browser

BGR: Four new features added to mobile browser for Android smartphones.

AT&T Crippling Major BlackBerry PlayBook Features

The Register: New tablet PC apparently can't synchronize with BlackBerrys on AT&T's network.

Motorola Delays Droid Bionic Smartphone 4G LTE mobile device won't ship until the third quarter of this year.

Revamp of iOS Multitasking Coming?

Brighthand: Apple only added support for running third-party apps in the background last year.

T-Mobile Rolls Out Free Facebook VoIP Calling

MobileBurn: Carrier planning additional Facebook tie-ins as well.

T-Mobile Ships Sidekick 4G

BGR: T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, which is built by Samsung,sports a 1GHz processor and the keyboard some folks have come to love.

Million People Download Mobile App

PC Magazin: iPhone,iPod and iPad app downloaded over a million times now.

HTC Developing 16MB Camera for Windows Phone 7 Handset Megapixels are still an important factor for consumers when it comes to smartphones.

RIM Rolls Out BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Today

Brighthand: RIM's tablet PC just started hitting store shelves.

Sprint May Share Network with LightSquared, Clearwire

Mobile Burn: Report says Sprint is in late-stages talks with Clearwire and LightSquared about network sharing agreements.

Video: White iPhone 4

BGR: Factory white iPhone 4 with 64GB of storage and iPhone 4.

Samsung Develops Dual-Core 2GHz Mobile Chip Processor to land in mobile devices next year.

Intel, AMD Sets Sights on Tablets, Smartphones

eWeek: Intel and AMD gearing up to take on ARM in the burgeoning tablet and smartphone spaces.

HP Delivers EliteBook Mobile Workstations

InformationWeek: Mobile workstations more durable than previous models.

Kyocera Ships Echo Dual-Screen Smartphone

Brighthand: Sprint is now offering the unique 4G smartphone.

Verizon Wireless Shipping 4G LTE MiFi

BGR: Available online now, the Verizon Wireless MiFi 4510L 4G LTE mobile hotspot will hit store shelves later this week.

FCC Reviewing AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

The Register: Federal Communications Commission starts formally reviewing the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T.

Critics Not Thrilled by BlackBerry PlayBook

InformationWeek: RIM's first tablet PC knocked for lack of native email support, lack of applications, and buggy software.

Apple Releases Minor iPhone Updates

Brighthand: iOS 4.3.2 and iOS 4.2.7 now available for the AT&T and Verizon editions of the iPhone.

T-Mobile Launches Dual-Core LG Smartphone

Mobile Burn:You can now buy T-Mobile's G2x dual-core Android smartphone.

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