2012 MacBook Pro to Have Retina Display, Rumor Says

With Apple’s WWDC coming up in June, rumors about new hardware products from Cupertino are making the rounds on the Internet. Among them: Apple will release sometime in 2012 a significantly redesigned MacBook Pro, with a Retina high-def display among other features.

Here’s a quick roundup of MacBook Pro rumors:

* Retina display. Several Apple laptop competitors already have HD displays, so it only makes sense that Apple would follow suit—albeit with a HD laptop display that blows the competition away.

* Intel Ivy Bridge processors. These are Intel’s latest chips and are designed to improve processing might while reducing power consumption.

* No optical drive. Some rumors suggest that Apple will do away with the DVD drive, just as it did with its MacBook Air. Will anyone care?

* Thinner, lighter. While the MacBook Pro won’t become a high-end MacBook Air, the next Pro models are expected to be significantly thinner and lighter than existing models.

* USB 3.0. The MacBook Pro 2012 edition is expected to offer USB 3.0 ports instead of the currently standard, slower USB 2.0 technology.

* The 17-inch model may be a goner, as its sales are poor.


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