A Sneak Peek at Android Jelly Bean

Android 4.0, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, is still only on a tiny fraction of handsets and tablets. Nonetheless, Google is hard at work developing the next iterations of its mobile OS. Meanwhile, Android and Apple’s iOS, when combined, overwhelmingly dominate the mobile device market, according to a new study.

Let’s start with the study. According to data from Jumptap’s U.S. mobile ad network, 58.8 percent of all traffic in January 2012 came from Android devices and 32.2 percent from iOS. Together, the two mobile operating systems comprise 91 percent of all traffic on the ad network. Trailing behind: BlackBerry (6.7 percent); Symbian (1.4 percent); and Windows Phone (0.5 percent).

If you’re among the 58.8 percent of Android device users, you’re probably still awaiting your Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. But it’s never too early to anticipate what’s next. The blog Digital Trends recently offered a preview of Jelly Bean (expected mid 2012), though Google hasn’t publicly stated its plans.

* Jelly Bean is expected to be optimized for tablets and perhaps even notebooks and netbooks (if they still exist). You may even be able to run Android and Windows side-by-side on one device.

* A virtual assistant to compete with Siri, codenamed Majel.

* Chrome browser.

* Improved integration with Google services such as Google+.

* No Flash support.

* The next Android version of Jelly Bean is expected to be called Key Lime Pie.


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