Are Pagers Dead?

“The stand-alone pager is now officially obsolete,” proclaims Judit Sharon, President and CEO of Onset Technology, which makes a pager app for iPhones, iPads, iPod touch and BlackBerry smartphones. Sharon made the statement in a press release touting the new features of OnPage, an app that aims to turn smartphones into secure pagers.

IT pros, doctors, and others may welcome the opportunity to carry just one device—a smartphone with paging capabilities—rather than two. However, proponents of traditional paging services often point to the potential limitations of smartphone paging apps. Smartphone paging is often reliant on cellular networks, which have dead spots, can get congested during crises, and have difficulty reaching building interiors.

Perhaps the solution is to test a smartphone paging app alongside your pager and see how it goes. The OnPage iOS app is free has an overall user rating of 4.5 stars on iTunes. The paging service has a 14-day free trial.

New OnPage features just announced include:

* Confirmed receipt of delivery and message reading;

* End-to-end encryption;

* A new inbox, outbox, reply, and message status for easier confirmations and conversation tracking;

* Phonebook sync that automatically uses your smartphone contacts.

* The ability to easily respond with predefined responses, such as "Get back to you in 15."

* A reception indicator that tells you when you’re within network range (currently supports iOS devices only).


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