BlackBerrys Get Back to Work After Outage -- Slowly

While Research in Motion says it’s fixed the kinks in its BlackBerry service, users may still have to wait a little while for their service to return to normal.

This week’s service disruption was the longest and biggest in BlackBerry history, The New York Times reports. The problem stemmed from the failure of a “key piece of switching hardware” in the RIM BlackBerry network, followed by the failure of a backup system, according to the Times. The hardware failure caused service to choke in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, creating a ripple effect that spread to North America and beyond.

RIM said it may take several days for service to bounce back completely. Meanwhile, BlackBerry users are none too pleased. Angry users posted hundreds of comments to a thread called “Enough is Enough” on CrackBerry.com, such as: “This is it. This is the boiling point.”


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