Gmail iPhone App Debuts, Gets Yanked

Google’s Gmail app for iOS has become the equivalent of the HP TouchPad, at least for the moment.

Google released its Gmail app to the iOS App Store on Wednesday. The app seeks to bring more Gmail desktop features to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. But shortly after the app appeared in the App Store, it vanished.

Turns out, the app was buggier than the Florida Everglades in August. Google’s explanation: “Earlier today we launched a new Gmail app for iOS. Unfortunately, it contained a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message when first opening the app. We've removed the app while we correct the problem, and we're working to bring you a new version soon. Everyone who's already installed the app can continue to use it.”

When it returns (no word yet on when), the Gmail iPhone app is supposed to let you automatically sort your inbox by priority; view conversation threads; and set up push notifications to receive an alert whenever a new message arrives (which would be yet another iPhone battery drain). The app will also feature a search option, though it reportedly doesn’t offer advanced search filters.

Google’s misstep isn’t catastrophic, of course. You can accomplish much of this already by logging into Gmail from your mobile browser. An iOS Gmail app would make life as a Gmail user a little easier, however—once Google smoothes out the wrinkles.

As for the HP TouchPad reference: If you’ll recall, HP pulled its WebOS tablet off the market just seven weeks after it was announced. In hardware terms, that’s practically the same speed in which Google gave the Gmail iOS app the hook.


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