Google Tablet Rumored To Be Announced June 27

Google’s long-rumored tablet will be announced at the company’s I/O conference on June 27, according to unsubstantiated reports.

Here’s the latest Google tablet rumor roundup:

* Tech site TechnoBuffalo claims its source say Google will show off a Google Nexus-branded tablet at its developer conference and give a unit to every developer there.

* The tablet will have a 7-inch screen.

* Asus will build the tablet.

* The tablet may come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

* NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 chip will power the tablet.

* Early rumors suggest the tablet will cost only $200.

* Some reports say the tablet is already in production and will be available for purchase in July.

If these rumors are true, Google could help grow what Amazon.com has already started: a boom in low-cost, 7-inch tablets. Apple is also reportedly working on an iPad Mini with a 7-inch screen with a possible October release date.



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