Hands-On Reviews of MacBook Pro Retina

Apple introduced its MacBook Pro with Retina display yesterday at the start of its WWDC 2012 conference. Alreadly, tech reviewers are weighing in with their first hands-on impressions—which are overwhelmingly positive for the new laptop’s high-def display.

Macworld: Jason Snell writes that the “mindblowing 2880-by-1800-pixel screen…looks like a 1440-by-900 model--except for the fact that there are four pixels for every one on the older display. Just as on the iPad and iPhone, a retina display offers incredibly smooth, clear text and images with startling detail. It's quite funny to view a Final Cut Pro interface with roughly a quarter of the screen taken up with a video preview, only to realize that the video is playing back at full, native 1080p resolution with plenty of room to spare. Pictures are similarly sharp. Web pages display with crisp text but, as on the third-generation iPad, most images on those pages are noticeably jaggy.”

Snell adds that the switch to a new MagSafe power adapter “will make any IT manager groan.” Apple is selling a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter for $9 to minimize those groans, however.

“It seems like there will be a day, in the not too distant future, when there's just a single line of MacBooks from a tiny 11-incher to this larger 15-incher. That day's not here yet—this model is too expensive right now to wipe out the lower-cost MacBook Pro models—but it's coming,” Snell concludes.

PC Mag: Joel Santo Domingo weighs in on the display, writing: “The 15-inch screen now appears more seamless, if that's possible. The bezel around the screen is black, but it blends more with the screen glass, unlike previous MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air models. Apple mentioned that the screen is less prone to glare than previous MacBooks, but there is still some glare present if you look closely. If you want a matte finish screen, you'll have to go with the updated MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge.”

He adds that “the island-style keyboard has keys that feel shallower than on the previous MacBook Pro models.” As for the USB 3.0 port’s speed, Santo Domingo writes: “Copying a 1.22GB test folder from a USB 3.0 drive took 21 seconds, which is half the time it took to copy the same folder using a USB 2.0 drive on the previous MacBook Pro model.”

SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen says the MacBook Pro with Retina display was “the star” of the jam-packed WWDC 2012 keynote. “The new Retina Display on the MacBook Pro is to the new iPad’s screen as the third-gen tablet was to the iPhone 4S: a stunning step up in what we’ve come to expect from our computing tech. It sounds crazy, but the panel just looks more ‘real,’ more authentic somehow than the typical Pro resolution, with the absence of individually discernible pixels sanding away at the impression that you’re looking at a computer screen.”


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