How to Save Money on Gadgets

We’re in the home stretch of holiday gift buying. But if you’re still shopping, here are three tips to help you save money on mobile gadgets.

1. Use in-store QR codes. Increasingly, brick & mortar retailers are posting QR codes in stores, which provide more information—and sometimes lower prices—for products. For example, on a recent trip to a Best Buy in San Francisco, prices for some digital cameras in store were $30 or $40 higher than prices for the same cameras on Best Buy’s site. The online prices were easily obtained using the store's QR codes. In both cases, store employees matched the lower prices.

2. Search for promo codes. Before you click to purchase that new gadget, do a Google search to see if there is a promo code you can use. If you’re planning to buy an HP laptop, then you’d Google the phrase hp promo code or hp coupon code. Similarly, you might check to see if there are promo codes for a particular retailer.

3. Always save the packaging. Given the short shelf life of today’s electronics, it’s a good idea to hold onto the box a gadget came in, along with its contents (including DVDs, cables, and such). You’ll get more money for your device when you sell it on eBay or Amazon.


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