How to Sell an Old iPhone

You received a new iPhone 4S this holiday season. Now that you’ve exhausted Siri with questions about where to hide a dead body, it’s time to think about selling your old iPhone.

You’ve got several options:

* Apple's recycling page lets you trade in an old iPhone, iPad, desktop or notebook in exchange for Apple gift cards at a "fair market value." All you need to do is have PowerON, Apple's recycling partner, send you a prepaid label to ship your iDevice to their facility and wait for the gift card to arrive. For an 8GB black iPhone 3G in great condition (locked and compatible only with AT&T), but lacking a power cord, the Apple site estimated a $50 trade-in.

* Trade in your iPhone on Amazon. Similarly, Amazon lets you trade in a used iPhone in exchange for credit on its site. Type in the name of your iPhone model and look for a ‘Trade in here’ link on the upper right hand corner of the product page. For the same iPhone 3G, Amazon quoted a trade-in of $74.25.

* Sell it on Amazon. If you’ve kept your iPhone’s original box and accessories, you may get even more money selling it instead of trading it in. Amazon makes it super easy to sell used electronics. As long as the product is still in Amazon’s product listings, just click a few buttons to list yours. Recently, a seller was asking $158 for the same iPhone 3G, listed as used and in good condition.

* Sell it on eBay. Though selling on eBay is more work, you may also get more money. Recently, completed auction prices for a used but good condition iPhone 3G were all over the board, with one selling (inexplicably) for $1,009—and it wasn’t even unlocked. A jailbroken model sold for $518.


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