iPad Mini Rumored for October Release

The iPad Mini rumor mill has been heating up in recent weeks. The latest speculation is that Apple will release a 7-inch iPad in October 2012 for $200 to $250—a price obviously aimed at the 7-inch Amazon.com Kindle Fire ($200) tablet.

Here are some other details, as reported by iMore and other blogs:

* The smaller iPad will have a Retina display resolution of 2048 x 1536, offering a pixel density of about 326 ppi. That’s the same pixel density as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and it’s greater than the new iPad’s 264 ppi density.

* To keep costs down, the iPad Mini (or whatever it might be called) will have only 8GB of storage. If the tablet does have a high-resolution display, however, 8GB of storage will be gobbled up quickly with apps and video.

* The same apps that currently run on Apple’s iPad natively would also run on the smaller tablet, scaled down. This would avoid the need for developers to create a third version of their iOS apps optimized for the smaller tablet display. But it might require them to tweak the size of touch buttons and other app interface elements to accommodate smaller tablet screens.

* Rumors of a small iPad have circulated since the first Apple tablet premiered in 2010. So the latest rumors aren’t particularly new.

* Steve Jobs dissed 7-inch tablets. But as iMore points out, he also said Apple wasn’t interested in making a phone.

* The iPad Mini rumor suggests that Apple would develop a smaller tablet in order to be more competitive with Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire. But how often do you see Apple releasing a product mostly because a competitor has one?

* Rumors are that Apple would release the small tablet along with the next iPhone model in October. Does it make sense to you that Apple would combine two big announcements like this into one?


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