iPhone 5 Specs Leaked

The iPhone 5 is likely to have a 4-inch display but will not feature a teardrop-shaped design nor have the iPhone 4/4S form factor, a “reliable source” has told 9to5Mac

According to the source, numerous iPhone 5 prototypes are out there, each one varying slightly from the others. While this makes it challenging to tell which device will be the winner, the source said the aforementioned specs apply to all the prototypes. The source also said that it’s likely Apple will return to its summer schedule for releasing iPhones. 

9to5Mac puts some faith in its source, saying it’s the same person who told them last summer that the iPhone 5 wasn’t going to happen in 2011—which, as we all know, is true.

Other sources have reported that the iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE networks;  that the battery will be redesigned in order to meetthe power demands of 4G connectivity; and there will be a 64GB model.

Whatever the iPhone 5 has in store, it’s clear Apple is on a roll selling iPhones. In its earnings call with analysts this week, Apple announced that 37.04 million iPhones had sold during its fourth quarter, up 128 percent.  


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