Most iPhone 4S Owners Like Siri But Do Not Use Many Features

Siri has proven to a popular addition to the iPhone 4S—even if users aren’t taking advantage of the virtual assistant’s many capabilities.

Consulting firm Parks Associates recently surveyed 482 iPhone 4S owners. To date, Apple’s most recent iPhone, introduced in October 2011, is the only Siri-enabled device on the market. Here’s what the survey revealed:

* More than 50 percent of iPhone 4S users in the U.S. are “very satisfied” with Siri. An additional 21 percent are “satisfied,” for a total of 71 percent. The rest were either neutral or unsatisfied.

* When asked if they would want Siri to control their TV set, 37 percent said yes; 20 percent said no thanks.

“People are expressing some reservations about Siri that could impact its popularity on other platforms,” said John Barrett, director of Consumer Analytics for Parks Associates. “Some said Siri didn’t work well against background noise. Others said it had trouble understanding commands. These problems could be amplified in a noisy living room, where the main TV would be located.”

* iPhone 4S users aren’t terribly adventurous with Siri, The Wall Street Journal reports. About one-third of iPhone 4S owners use Siri daily or nearly every day to make phone calls, send text messages, or search for information. Beyond that, Siri isn’t getting called upon too often. According to the study, 32 percent said they’d never used Siri to play music, and 35 percent said they hadn’t asked Siri to schedule an appointment on their calendar.

Parks Associates learned that iPhone 4S owners “either raved about or panned Siri in anecdotal comments,” according to the Journal. Comments ranged from “best thing since the invention of toast” to “it’s very disappointing.” 


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