New Mobile Broadband Plans from Sprint

Sprint introduced two new 3G/4G mobile broadband data plans today. The company says two of its new plans deliver 20 percent more data for the price than similar plans from AT&T and Verizon.

Sprint’s mobile broadband customers can now opt for 6GB of data per month for $50 or a whopping 12GB of data monthly for $80. Sprint compared these plans to Verizon and AT&T’s $50 per month mobile broadband plans that offer only 5GB of data, and to Verizon’s $80 per month plan with 10GB. AT&T doesn’t have a data plan similar to the $80 monthly plans offered by Verizon and Sprint.

The new plans are compatible with all mobile broadband devices Sprint offers, including tablets, mobile hotspot devices, USB modems, netbooks and notebooks. These plans are separate from Sprint's smartphone data plan, which is unlimited.

In addition to the above mobile broadband plans, Sprint announced two other new 3G/4G data plans: $20 monthly for 1GB of data (tablets only) and $35 monthly for 3GB of data (for tablets, dedicated mobile hotspot devices, USB modems, netbooks, and notebooks).

All told, Sprint now offers four mobile broadband data plans ranging from $20 to $80. Before today’s unveiling, Sprint only offered two mobile broadband data plans: $60 for 5GB and $80 for 10GB.

Sprint, the underdog in the U.S. mobile carrier market, is clearly trying to catch up to its rivals. And offering more competitive mobile broadband data plans could give the company a competitive edge. However, as of this writing, Sprint currently doesn’t offer the iPad, which could make its new mobile broadband plans less enticing to enterprise users.


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