Only Seven Android Phones Have Ice Cream Sandwich

PC Magazine has tallied the Android smartphones currently sporting version 4.0 of Google’s mobile OS, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). And the grand total is a whopping seven devices.

What’s more, several of the devices, such as the HTC Vivid on AT&T’s network, may or may not even have ICS pre-installed.

Android fragmentation has been cause for concern for both developers and consumers. Developers fret about the lack of one standardized OS, which would simplify app development. Consumers often find the various Android flavors confusing.

Currently, there are four different versions of Android out in the wild—Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3), Honeycomb (3.0), and ICS (4.0). However, a recent survey found that 73 percent of all Android mobile devices use the same OS version, Gingerbread.

According to PC Mag, here are the current Android smartphones currently with ICS:

* HTC One X

* HTC Vivid

* Samsung Nexus S 4G


* Samsung Galaxy Nexus


* HTC One S

* HTC Amaze 4G


* Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Another 19 smartphones are due to get the ICS upgrade, PC Mag said.


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