Rumor: Apple & Samsung Planning HD Tablets in 2012

Apple is planning to release in February a new tablet likely named iPad 3 featuring Apple’s high-resolution retina display, according to an analyst quoted in Business Insider and PCMag. Meanwhile, Samsung is apparently hoping to beat Apple to market with an HD edition of its Galaxy tablet, says Boy Genius Report.

The Apple-Samsung rivalry looks as if it will only intensify early next year, if these reports are accurate. Thursday, a panel of Australian judges ruled that Samsung may sell its tablets in that country on the basis that Apple failed to convince them Samsung had infringed Apple’s iPad 2 patents.

The iPad 3 will reportedly have a 2048 x 1536 screen, which would be twice the resolution (and four times the pixels) of the iPad 2 screen.  

The HD Galaxy tablet would reportedly have a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 and may debut as early as Mobile World Congress in February. The tablet will run on the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor of Android, according to Boy Genius Report’s “trusted sources.”

As with any rumors of unannounced products, especially where Apple is involved, these specs are purely speculative. As ExtremeTech points out: “At this point, then, it seems very unlikely that we’ll see Retina- or approaching-Retina-quality tablets before the middle of next year. If Apple does launch a tablet in February, it is far more likely that we’ll see some kind of iPad 2S, much in the same way that Apple put off launching the iPhone 5. Samsung, however, with its crazy efforts to actually win some of the tablet market share, is obviously a much wilder cannon than Apple. Preempting the boys in Cupertino with a monster fondleslab could be exactly what the Koreans have in mind.”


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