Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to AT&T in the U.S.?

The Samsung Galaxy Note, a smartphone/tablet mashup with a massive 5.3-inch touchscreen, appears to be heading to the U.S.

The FCC has just given the Galaxy Note its stamp of approval. Tech blogs have been reporting that the FCC-approved device supports AT&T’s 850/1900MHz bands. However, as of this writing, AT&T has not announced availability of the Galaxy Note on its network.

While some scratch their heads wondering who would want such a big smartphone, others are patiently awaiting the Galaxy Note’s arrival in the U.S. Some early tech reviews have fueled the fire, such as this one from Engadget:  

“It's as thin as a Galaxy S II, lightning fast and its 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display is as gorgeous as it is enormous; the 1280 x 800 pixels you once could only get with a full-size laptop (or in the Galaxy Tab 10.1) can now slide comfortably into your front pocket.

“Its jumbo display makes it the perfect candidate for a notepad replacement and, with the included S Pen stylus, you'll have no problem jotting notes on the fly, marking up screenshots or signing documents electronically…If you have the hands to support it, it may just be the best thing to happen to mobile devices since the capacitive touchscreen.”

Slashgear’s review, while not as positive, sums up the Galaxy Note’s appeal thus: “The Galaxy Note may not prove to be Samsung’s best-seller of the quarter, but those who succumb to its sizable charms will have a smartphone/hybrid that’s attention-grabbing in every sense.”


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