Samsung Galaxy Note Reviews Ask Is Big Better?

On Sunday, AT&T will begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Note, an Android device with a 5.3-inch screen that places it somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet.

Is the Samsung Galax Note too big for your britches? Or is it just the right size for those who long for a roomy smartphone screen? Overall, reviews are decidedly mixed. PCMag calls the phone “an unfortunate tweener,” while Engadget says “it’s one of the best phones of any size on the market today.”

Here’s what reviewers are saying.

Mashable: “The Galaxy Note is a lonely giant among smartphones, certainly. For all the capabilities and extra breathing room that bigger screen bestows, there’s a clear trade-off in gracefulness. The Note is an unwieldy beast — if you have small hands or just wear jeans a lot, it probably isn’t for you. For those tall enough for this ride, however, the Galaxy Note’s tricks aren’t really exciting or game-changing, at least outside of a Super Bowl commercial. At the end of the day, it’s just a really big phone.”

CNET: “With its huge screen and throwback stylus, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a polarizing smartphone that winks at tablet territory. Those who like their screens XL will find a top-notch device that lets multimedia shine. The S Pen adds some artistic potential, but for some, the phone will just simply be too big.”

PCMag: “The Samsung Galaxy Note is an unfortunate tweener, satisfying neither phone nor tablet buyers.”

PC World: “With its large display and stylus-like pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a refreshing departure from the smartphone pack, but its design won't please everyone. Additionally, not enough apps support the pen right now.”

Engadget: “The Note is big, but not unmanageably so…After a few hours with the Note you'll very quickly become accustomed to the size, and once you have you won't want to go back…It's one of the best phones of any size on the market today.”


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