Siri Outages Hit Some iPhone Users

By now, many iPhone 4S users have asked Siri a question, expecting either the information they need, a sassy response, or both. But a number of users are now questioning Siri’s ability to perform after having received this response from their virtual personal assistant: “Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network.”

What’s the deal?

Late last week, web sites such as Wired’s Gadget Lab were reporting on Siri outages. Frustrated users have been posting to Apple forums such as “Siri Still Down?” over the past few days. Enterprise Mobile Today experienced the Siri outage several times last Friday night.

Most likely, the Apple servers responsible for processing Siri requests have become overwhelmed by the traffic at times. Siri uses offsite servers to do everything from setting up a new calendar appointment to looking up info on the web.

To date, Apple has not commented on the Siri connection snafus. The Siri outages come on the heels of iPhone 4S battery complaints, which Apple says an update to the iOS 5 software will address.

Not surprisingly, some users are pointing to Apple’s many ads featuring Siri, saying the feature should have been fully baked before Apple heavily promoted it. Others are more willing to cut Apple, which calls Siri a ‘beta’ feature, some slack.

Either way, for the time being, you might not want to try and show Siri off to your buddies on Friday or Saturday nights.


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