The Best iPhone Apps

Just received your first iPhone this holiday season? Congratulations. Now it’s time to start downloading apps. Here are five to get you started, from free to $40.

* Decide.com (free). This handy app tells you if it’s a good time to buy that device you’re eyeing, based on its pricing history and how long the gadget has been on the market.

* Dropbox (free). A free Dropbox account gives you 2GB of storage, plus the ability to easily sync your computer’s Dropbox folder with other computers. Your files are also backed up to the cloud, and you can download and share your files using this simple iPhone app. (Also available as an iPad app.)

* Recorder ($1). This handy app turns your iPhone into a quality voice recorder for capturing meetings, conference sessions, and even calls on your iPhone (which cost $2 for one hour of recording time, $13 for eight hours). You can easily transfer your recordings to a computer over a Wi-Fi network.

* Pages, Numbers, and Keynote ($10 each). Apple’s productivity apps make it possible to create, edit, and share documents while waiting in an excessively long checkout line. Pages is for text files; Numbers is for spreadsheets; and Keynote is for presentations. All apps can save and share files in Microsoft Office compatible formats as well as PDFs and are available in iPad versions.  

* Magellan RoadMate ($40). It’s time to sell your portable GPS system and download this app. This app gives you turn-by-turn directions, detailed views of freeway interchanges, free traffic updates, and none of those irritating “recalculating” admonishments you get with a Garmin.


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