Will a New OS Save the BlackBerry?

Yesterday, RIM introduced a new operating system in an effort to keep its enterprise and other users from defecting to Android and iPhone smartphones. But is it too little, too late?
The new OS, called BBX, will merge existing BlackBerry elements with the QNX OS for phones and tablets that RIM acquired last year. According to RIM, the new BBX OS will offer QNX’s reliability and security features and let developers create more advanced apps for BlackBerry devices.

Touch input will be the focus for BBX. And the new BlackBerry OS will deliver the ability to run Android apps on RIM’s devices, as well as Adobe AIR and HTML5 apps. RIM hasn’t said yet when the first BBX devices will be available. The company’s PlayBook tablet is already running QNX.

Those attending RIM’s developers’ conference in San Francisco yesterday were so-so about the new OS. "BBX could potentially be exciting, but I was honestly expecting a bigger announcement. There was nothing revolutionary," said Dave Lane, a software developer, as quoted by Reuters.


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