Windows 8 Tablet Announcements Coming Next Week?

Next week, look for Windows 8 tablet announcements from Acer Inc., Asustek Computer Inc., and Toshiba Corp., according to sources “with knowledge of the matter” who were quoted in a Bloomberg.com news article.

Acer is expected to announce its tablet at the Computex show in Tapei, Bloomberg’s sources say. Meanwhile, Asustek will show off tablets with detachable keyboards (not unlike its current Transformer tablet), and Toshiba is expected to unveil a “tablet and a notebook-type device.”

Microsoft has not yet announced exactly when Windows 8 will be commercially available. Observers believe it will be released sometime this fall, which means any tablets shown next week probably won’t ship for several months at best. Microsoft made a Windows 8 release preview available this week, which suggests the OS is in its final development phase.

Not surprisingly, Apple’s Tim Cook this week dissed the whole Windows 8 concept (one OS for multiple devices, including touch-screen tablets and full-fledged, mouse-driven computers).

"In my view, the tablet and the PC are different,” Cook said, as quoted by Computerworld from a video interview Cook did with All Things D. “You can do things with the tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC. I just think you wind up not building the best product when you try to converge those."


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