Wrist Watch Pairs with iPhone and Android Devices

Pebble Technology has hit the investment crowdsourcing mother lode, raising over $4.6 million dollars for its planned “smart watch.”

The Pebble watch, which will be available beginning in September, promises to take wearable tech to the next level. It’s said to be the first wristwatch that connects to an iPhone, allowing you to view text messages, incoming calls, tweets, and other stuff on its e-ink display. You’ll also be able to control music playback on your iPhone, track your running distance, and check the weather via apps.

Connections are made via Bluetooth. The Pebble will also work in a similar way with Android devices, but it won’t be the first smart watch to do so.

Pebble Technology had only expected to raise about $100,000 via Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects, founder Eric Migicovsky told ABC News. “We tapped into something big here,” he said. “We can’t talk about (our relationship with) Apple, but we are able to do what we are doing so that’s pretty cool,” Migicovsky said.

You can pledge to back the Pebble watch project (and get a watch of your own) for $99 or more.  


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