Enterprise Apps Beyond SAP with Mowego Platform

Vivido Labs, a start-up focused on providing remote SAP consulting services, today launched a mobile app platform and suite of mobile enterprise apps to help businesses extend functionality beyond SAP.

The Mowego platform enables mobile communications and connectivity between enterprises and their workforces by meshing SAP functionality with non-SAP data, other applications and smartphones.

There are currently 40 Mowego enterprise apps available, and they cover the gamut of sales, field services, time and expense entry, procurement, asset tracking and management, inventory management, human resources, business intelligence, compliance, sustainability and employee productivity.

The apps complement Vivido's core business -- providing remote help-desk services to SAP-using companies. The main difference between Vivido and traditional consulting firms is Vivido focuses on customers whose SAP implementations are live but need assistance with configuration issues and other post-live problems.

Another key difference is Vivido sells its services a la carte, while systems integrators usually sell services as part of a long-term contract. The company provides its services through a network of more than 400 SAP experts.

Mowego Mobile Apps Good to Go on BlackBerry OS, iPhone, Android

All the apps work on BlackBerry devices and Apple iPhones, and can run on Google Android systems. Vivido plans to support other mobile devices in coming months and to add dozens of business apps over the next year.

Vivido's news comes at a time when the mobile office is gaining traction. Researcher IDC forecasts that more than 1 million people worldwide will be using mobile working technologies this year. The firm also predicts that nearly 1.2 billion people, more than a third of the world's total workforce, will participate in flexible working policies by 2013.

By enabling mobile connectivity for enterprises and their workforces, the Mowego platform "empowers business anytime, anywhere," Greg Tomb, CEO of Vivido Labs, said in a statment. "Our apps extend the power and productivity of SAP enterprise applications to mobile workers in real-time."

Tomb, the former CEO of SAP North America, believes that mobility will do more to expand the usage and value of enterprise business applications than the Internet did in the 90s.

"Every company that has invested in SAP is looking for ways to increase returns on this major investment, to increase end-user adoption, and increase user productivity. The Mowego suite of mobile applications allows us to deliver instant value to our customers in just weeks because they have already made their major investment in SAP and mobile infrastructure," said Tomb.

Mobile applications allow the mobile workforce and the enterprise to make decisions faster, respond to customers better and ease the pain of doing business while on the move, he said.

Tomb adds that Vivido branched out into mobile apps because the mobile world is moving faster than SAP can keep up - a situation that inspired Vivido to ensure its software connects to any enterprise application, not just SAP.

One happy Mowego customer is Optimal Solutions, which is using the Mowego Time and Expense apps to improve and simplify time and expense reporting for its 500 consultants.

"We chose the Mowego Mobile Time and Expense applications because they allow our consultants to record their time and expenses at anytime and from any location, quickly and easily," Sam Sliman, Optimal Solutions president, said in a statement.

Sliman says Mowego supports his company's multi-device environment of BlackBerry phones and iPhones, and allows it to run the Mowego applications in the cloud, while connecting with Optimal Solutions' back-end SAP system in real-time.

Key apps announced today include:

Mowego Expense Management:

This allows users to view, create and update expense reports using their mobile devices. Users can leverage their smartphone to take a picture of their receipts and attach them to the expense eliminating the need for paper receipts. This application will make it easier for mobile workers to enter and manage their expense reimbursements, while eliminating paper expense reports and receipts.

Mowego Time Management:

This enables users to manage their time reporting. It allows mobile workers to quickly and efficiently log time, whether it is billable or not.

Mowego Emergency Notification:

This helps to identify employees who may have been impacted by an emergency. Human resources staff and others can use the app to quickly locate the emergency area on a map, and identify employees who need to be contacted based on their home/office address and last-known mobile phone location.

At-risk or potentially at-risk employees can be sent a message informing them of the emergency with directions, and asking them to contact an emergency hotline or reply via e-mail to confirm their well-being.

Mowego Sales Forecasting:

This enables sales reps to provide unit and revenue forecasting information for company-defined time periods. Sales reps can view sales history from SAP by customer, product, amount sold and see forecasts for recent time periods.

Mowego Purchase Requisition Approval:

This gives users the capability to review all pending purchase approvals via their smartphones. The app lets users review and address approvals in a more timely and efficient manner.


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