Mitel-RIM Venture Brings Mobile UC to BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry users can now get the full range of Mitel's unified communications offerings now that the hosted VoIP and UC app vendor partnered up with Research In Motion to leverage Mobile Voice System 5. VoIPplanet.com takes an in depth look at the details of the new service and how it benefits the enterprise.

Ottawa-based Mitel Networks, longtime provider of hosted VoIP and unified communications applications, had a busy week last week.

First, Mitel announced the successful closing of an IPO.

Second, they announced a partnership with Research In Motion (RIM), whereby Mitle's Unified Communicator application works in tandem with RIM's Mobile Voice System 5 (or MVS 5, itself just announced) to bring the full range of Mitel's unified communications functionality to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Enterprise VoIPplanet.com had an opportunity to speak with Stephen Beamish, Mitel's vice president of marketing and business development, and Arnaud Bellens, in charge of business development and strategic alliances for Mitel, to get the details.

"We've ported all of our UC applications—headed by our Unified Communicator app, which is our core app—which can now be fully integrated onto a BlackBerry device," Beamish told VoIPplanet.

"What that means is that I now have a GUI on my device, and I can have all my corporate interests and contacts on my device. I can access them; I can see their presence and availability as to when that person is there. Also their device presence, so I can see when you're on the phone, off the phone," Beamish said.

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Mitel Partners with RIM to Mobilize UC on BlackBerry


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