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comScore: Android Still On The Rise, RIM Loses Ground

Latest smartphone market share statistics from comScore tell a familiar story--Android devices are white hot and their popularity is coming at RIM's expense.

Critics' Choice: MacBook Air 11 Review Roundup

We highlight all the pros and cons of this ultra-chic mobile computing device just unveiled by Apple.

Google's Chrome-Powered Netbook Almost Here?

Report says the search giant plans to release a Google-branded notebook later this month with at least two other vendors following suit with models of their own in December.

Meet the Top Android Tablets for 2010 and Beyond

The Android tablet market is changing at a rapid clip, so to keep you up-to-date we highlight the developments, specs, pricing and release dates from the major players making Android tablets.

HP Delivers Long-Awaited Enterprise Tablet

Computing giant HP has entered the tablet fray, taking the wraps off of the Slate 500, an enterprise-oriented mobile computing device powered by Windows 7.

10 Best Smartphones for Business

We highlight the specs, carriers, pros and cons of 10 standout smartphones that will excel in the enterprise.

Meet the New Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

A half-dozen Windows Phone 7 handsets are coming to the US and Canada in the coming weeks. We highlight the specs, hot features and how they stack up.

Verizon Lands iPad, Apple Device to Hit Carrier Stores Oct. 28

Apple continues to broaden availability of the iPad ahead of the holidays, forging a partnership with Verizon Wireless to distribute Wi-Fi versions of the device, and announcing retail availability with both AT&T and Verizon.

Top 11 Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

We highlight the features that are generating buzz for Samsung's Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab.

Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy Tab Suited for Enterprise?

The Froyo-fueled mobile device debuts today and already draws comparisons to the iPad, but one analyst begs to differ.

Froyo Five-pack of Android Tablets from Archos

The portable media player firm preps five Android 2.2 tablet PCs for release this fall ranging from $199 to $349.

The Era of Videoconferencing on Smartphones and Tablets is Here

Tablet PCs such as the Cisco Cius and smartphones such as the iPhone 4 are finally making videoconferencing a viable component of mobile computing. We outline the mobile devices, mobile apps, services and accessories that are part of this emerging trend.

Dual-boot Android Tablet Confirmed, Samsung Tab Coming on Verizon

The Android tablet frenzy continues today with ViewSonic teasing two new mobile devices and reports of Verizon prepping for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Review: Three iPad Accessories for Mobile Computing

Are Apple's iPad Keyboard Dock, iPad Camera Connection Kit and iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter worth the investment? Our hands-on evaluation highlights how these iPad hardware add-ons perform mobile computing tasks.

Google's Tablet to Run Android or Chrome OS?

The Internet giant is prepping a tablet for release on Black Friday, according to reports, but questions remain on the details of the mobile device.

Top 10 Android Tablets: Dell Streak Pricing, Sale Date Set

As the mobile Linux OS Android overtakes Apple's iOS in the smartphone sector, we take a look at the next battleground -- tablets.

What's Behind the White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay?

No explanation for white iPhone 4 delays is in Apple's official statement, which puts conspiracy theorists into overdrive.

What's Behind HP's 'PalmPad' Trademark Application?

The rumors of a webOS-powered tablet are starting to look more realistic.

Buyer's Guide to Notebook Computers for SMBs

Trying to find the best notebooks for your mobile office workers? We cover netbooks, ultra-portables and desktop replacements as well as price points and must-have specs.

Apple Offers Free Bumper Cases for iPhone 4 Customers

After a lengthy rant against the media and demonstrating that other smartphones have signal-loss problems, Jobs makes the rubber case protectors a freebie.

Intel Eyeing Infineon's Wireless Chip Unit?

A purchase of the Infineon chipset would give Intel a one-stop mobile phone offering and put it on a collision course with Qualcomm.

Verizon iPhone Coming January, 2011? Not So Fast

Oppenheimer analyst disputes reports that a Verizon iPhone is coming early next year. But he does have his own prediction.

Apple Owns Up to iPhone 4 Antenna Woes

The iPhone has had a defect in how it displayed signal strength since its original model, Apple admits. What can be done?

Yahoo Taps HTML5 for New iPhone E-Mail

Advanced e-mail features give ready view of pictures and other content usually "buried" in e-mail messages, and which can be a hassle on a mobile device.

Microsoft Kills Kin to Save Windows Phone 7

Microsoft attempts to hone in on just its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system as make or break time approaches for the as-yet unreleased system.

Apple's iOS 4 Hit by Microsoft Exchange Sync Problems

New iPhone users say they're having a difficult, if not impossible, time getting their phone to sync up with an Exchange server. Is there a fix?

Nokia N-Series Phones Shifting From Symbian to MeeGo

Symbian isn't dead but it did lose one of Nokia's better-known platforms.

Notebook Review: Mobile Computing with the Dell Vostro 3400 Notebook

Mobile IT looking for a powerful notebook for mobile office workers should consider the Dell Vostro 3400.

Apple Sells 1.7M iPhones, Struggles With Complaints

The biggest launch ever for Apple is held back only by the iPhone 4's availability at retail, though the product's record-breaking debut was accompanied by reports of signal glitches.

Intel Preparing Native x86 Version of Android 2.2

The chip giant remains determined to get involved in the mobile Linux-based device market with its Atom processor.

RIM May Be Feeling Heat From iPhone, Android

Under siege by Apple and Google, the early mover in enterprise smartphones sees sales disappoint.

Mobile Linux Alert: Motorola Debuts Video-Centric Droid X

The new smartphone "pushes the limits of Android innovation," according to Motorola, but we like the mobile computing features -- push e-mail for one -- that will please mobile IT.

Apple Releases iOS 4 for Existing iPhone 3G Users

A whole lot of iPhones will get three days of extra use as the faithful get to play with the new OS before the iPhone 4 ships.

AT&T Extends Price Protections to New iPhone 3GS Buyers

Suddenly, AT&T really wants to keep iPhone users happy. Now recent buyers of the 3GS will be able to get the new iPhone 4.

Apple's WWDC: What's New for the iPad?

It wasn't all iPhone talk at the WWDC show, Apple also updated its iPad mobile computing tablet with some new features requested by users.

iPhone 4: What's Under the Hood

The thinnest smartphone in the world packs a whole lot of new features and technology including some that should be of special interest to mobile IT.

Apple's Grip on the Tablet Mobile Computing Market Not Yet Ironclad

Apple has jumped out to a fast start with the iPad but it doesn't dominate the tablet mobile computing market... yet.

Sony Makes Renewed E-Reader Push to Take On iPad

Instead of coming out with a full-blown tablet, the consumer electronics giant decides to go after one area of specialization. Will it work?

iPad's Popularity Comes at Netbooks' Expense

When people finally go to the store and put their hands on the mobile device, the iPad seems to sell itself.

Top 6 iPad Hardware Accessories for Mobile Computing

If you want to use Apple's latest mobile device for mobile computing tasks, you'll need to accessorize. We highlight six of the best hardware peripherals for the iPad.

Dell Continues Linux Android Mobile Device Streak

Latest mobile device from Dell appears to be somewhere between tablet PC and smartphone. But does it offer the best of both mobile computing worlds?

Last Days for Apple's iPhone 3GS? Signs Point to Yes

In a mirror of previous years' steps, the current iPhone 3GS shifts to "its-days-are-numbered" status.

Microsoft Shakes Up Mobile Phone Unit

In a reorganization that's been long in coming, the software giant parts ways with two key leaders amid a brutally competitive climate for mobile devices.

Will webOS Printers from HP Take PCs Out of Print Loop?

The HP CEO hints that printers running Palm's mobile Linux webOS may be able to connect directly to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Google Taps Flash for Google TV, Supercharges Android With Froyo

Company exec slams Apple over Flash ban while the search giant also debuts Web-friendly Google TV. Plus, Linux-based Android 2.2 officially unveiled.

British Telecom, Sony May Be Latest in the Mobile Computing Tablet Fray

Both companies are eying the success of Apple's hot new mobile device, the iPad.

Details on RIM's BlackBerry Mobile Computing Tablet Emerge

If the rumors are correct, RIM is positioning this mobile device as a complement to your BlackBerry OS handset. So what happens if you don't own one?

HP Dives Into Client Virtualization, Offers Mobile Thin Client

Company expands client virtualization offerings to provide improved performance and support for Citrix desktop virtualization.

Notebook Review: Toshiba Tecra A11 is Terrific Mobile Computing Device

Our comprehensive review gives this Toshiba notebook high marks in features, performance and value.

Critics' Choice Review: HTC Incredible Dubbed 'Best Smartphone'

The HTC Incredible goes on sale today on Verizon as reviewers rave about the Android handset in our consensus smartphone review roundup.


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