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Dell Android Mobile Device Trio: Thunder, Flash, Smoke Smartphones

The Lightning, based on the new Microsoft Windows mobile platform, isn't the only sleek piece of handheld hardware on tap from the big computer maker. There's the Android Thunder, Flash and Smoke smartphones coming soon.

Hot Trends in Wireless: Android Mobile Devices, 4G, Telehealth

Android tablets with Flash to take on the iPad, as well as 4G developments and advances in telehealth are the emerging trends in wireless.

No Guts, No Glory: An Inside View of the iPad

An examination of Apple's iPad reveals how the company leverages designs of earlier mobile devices.

iPad Buyer's Guide: Sussing Out Six Configurations

Apple's hot handheld computer goes on sale soon, but with six models, it poses a mobile device dilemma for mobile IT staff -- and the Phil Dunphys of the world -- who want to buy an iPad. We help you select the right model.

iPad Set for Best Buy, But Shortages of Mobile Device Loom

The rush is on to fill orders for Apple's hot new mobile device as retail partner preps for the iPad launch.

Critics' Choice: Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops for Mobile Computing

If you want to outfit your mobile office with a high-performance, compact laptop, we can help with our mobile IT buyers’ guide to the best, most portable laptops on the planet.

iPad as Mobile Warrior Workhorse for Mobile Computing?

As the sale date of Apple's next mobile device approaches, a Zogby poll shows surprising results. The Sybase-commissioned survey was released this week at the CTIA wireless tradeshow.

HTC Evo 4G Gets Rave Reviews at CTIA

And the crowd goes wild: a roundup of first-impressions of the first 4G smartphone includes accolades such as "breathtaking," "screamingly fast," and "Android tornado."

First 4G Smartphone Shines: Introducing Android HTC EVO

Clearwire and Sprint wowed the wireless industry with news of 4G mobile network deployment and the first 4G smartphone -- HTC EVO -- that has impressive specs.

Moto, Sprint to Offer Push-To-Talk Android i1

The nation's No. 3 carrier and Motorola team up to release a ruggedized iDen mobile device-smartphone hybrid with slick features such as a touchscreen, Wi-Fi and mobile app download capability.

AT&T's New Mobile Devices: Pre, Pixi, Dell Aero

The nation's No. 2 carrier expands its portfolio of mobile devices with the Palm handhelds the Pre Plus, Pixi Plus and Dell Aero.

Motorola Android-based Mobile Devices to Use Bing

Motorola and Microsoft seem to be getting cozier, especially when it comes to the Chinese market and Bing search, but is this a long-term thing or just a flash in the pan?

Mobile Security Using BitLocker on Laptops

BitLocker's comprehensive hard drive encryption means surefire laptop security.

Mobile IT Buyer's Guide to Netbooks

Spending your mobile management budget wisely means planning for major mobile device expenditures. We walk you through the key considerations when planning to purchase netbooks for your mobile office.

Verizon Wireless 4G Handsets Coming Mid-2011

The nation's largest wireless carrier continues its aggressive push to deploy 4G by pushing up the release date of its next-generation handsets.

19 Key Considerations for the iPad as Enterprise Mobile Device

Our comprehensive guide to 19 key mobile IT issues concerning the iPad in the office, classroom or hospital. We cover deployment, online collaboration, security, mobile apps and more. Plus, resources and tools for mobile management of the iPhone in the enterprise.

Best Mobile Office Accessories for the iPhone

We offer recommendations for the best iPhone accessories that will turn your smartphone into an efficient mobile computing machine -- always powered up, protected and delivering pure voice-call quality.

Notebook Review: Acer TravelMate 8471

Acer's new enterprise notebook is the perfect mobile device -- not too big, not too small (14.1 inches), not too heavy (just 4.4 pounds), and not too short on battery life (six hours plus). It's a machine not to miss.

Ready to Devour Motorola's Latest Android Smartphone?

Another day, another variation on the Motorola Droid. What's special about this mobile device?

Is Google Prepping a Handheld Computer?

After the launch of Apple's iPad, the Internet giant unveils a mock-up of its own tablet PC.

Is AT&T on Tap for Next Nexus One?

An FCC paper trail hints that the nation's No. 2 carrier may be next in line for future versions of the Google Nexus One.

Apple iPad Aimed at Mobile Enterprise

Apple's newest mobile device could be bigger than the iPhone if it takes off in the enterprise.

Apple iPad Poised for Telemedicine, Mobile Health Care

The iPad, with its large display screen and support for iPhone apps, will be a healthy contender for the telehealth vertical.

Apple A4 Processor Powers iPad

Apple's latest mobile device is juiced up with a 'blazing fast' system-on-a-chip ARM processor.

iPad Brings Mobile Computing to Enterprise

Make no mistake: Apple's handheld computer will make its way into the workforce. Analysts weigh in on the enterprise apps that will make the iPad part of the mobile office, as well as on mobile security and management challenges for IT.

Will Apple's iPad Become Next Iconic Mobile Device?

We breakdown all the specs of the iPad and offer insight on how the mobile Internet device could change the way we use all types of media.

Apple's 'Truly Magical' iPad Debuts

Apple chief Steve Jobs introduces a device he sees positioned between smartphones and laptops. The long-awaited iPad will cost $499.

Is the iPhone or BlackBerry Best IT Smartphone?

We evaluate the Apple iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Android-powered Droid in terms of IT performance.

Critics' Choice: Top 5 Smartphones

How do the mobile tech titans stack up in the smartphone smackdown? See where Apple's iPhone, Google's Nexus One, Motorola's Cliq and Research In Motion's Bold 9700 and Verizon's Droid rank according to industry watchers.

Amazon Wants Kindle Apps, Releases SDK

Is someone feeling a little heat from a product not even on the market?

Is it Hola for Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress?

Industry watchers are split over whether we'll see Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 in Spain at next month's big mobile device tradeshow.

Apple iTablet, iPhone OS 4 on Tap?

Invitations are in hand for Apple's event Jan. 27. What can we expect?

Why Netbooks Rule the Mobile Device Space

Paul Rubens states his case for why using an Apple laptop -- and flying first-class -- is foolish, as he tackles the debate over whether netbooks are a fad or here to stay.

Google Cuts Nexus One Upgrade Price, But Sales Slow

It's only good if you are an existing T-Mobile customer, but for some, it could be a cheaper route to one of the hot smartphones of the moment.

In a World of iWanna, iPhone Does Touch Best

Droid phones aren't bad contenders to challenge the iPhone, but there's one area where they are pretty weak.

Nexus One Priced Out in Teardown Analysis

iSuppli describes just how cutting-edge the Nexus One is as part of a teardown analysis of its components.

Google's Nexus One a Relative Bargain?

Versus the iPhone and Droid, consumers could save over $1,000 with a two-year T-Mobile service contract for the Nexus One.

Apple Patent Portent of Future Touchscreen Products

A recently published patent application from Apple hints at functionality of company's future touch devices.

Motorola Flips for Android (Again) with Backflip

Motorola's come-back strategy -- rolling out compelling Android handsets -- is on track with latest smartphone unveiled at CES.

Microsoft Shows Off Slate PC at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is underway as Microsoft gambles on a slate PC for 2010.

Android Firsts: Dell's Mini 3 on AT&T

The computer maker taps AT&T as exclusive carrier for upcoming Android smartphone.

Google Delivers Nexus One 'Super Phone'

Smartphone developed in collaboration with HTC, available online from Google.

AT&T Resumes Online iPhone Sales in New York

Is it fraud? Is it network overload? AT&T offers a few hints.

Critics' Choice: The Top 5 Netbooks

A buyer's guide to the best netbooks on the market today.


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