HP Gets Into Mobile App Development

How do you make an Enterprise app?

That's a question that HP is aiming to help answer with a new set of services to help enable enterprises to define and achieve their mobile goals. The new offerings include workshops, mobile application services and a mobile enterprise strategy assessment.

"Enterprise grade apps have to be able to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels," Srini Koushik, VP Worldwide Application Development services at HP, told InternetNews.com. "Our application approach aims to provide secure, seamless, context aware experiences for a connected world."

Koushik explained that HP now has a set of workshopS that are all about helping enterprises to figure out which business processes are most suited to go into the mobile environment. From a development perspective, bringing enterprise applications to the mobile world also involves testinG which is where the mobile application testing service comes into play, providing testing and generating loads.

When it comes to devices, HP is taking a cross platform approach that leverages HTML5 as the development paradigm.

"So that way we work is that you have a couple of different technologies like HTML5 and Adobe AIR that provide cross-platform capabilities," Koushik said. "What you give up by going cross platform is that you can't take advantage of device or operating system specific things."

Koushik added that starting with cross-platform base, if there is a specific opportunity to deliver a differentiated user experience on a specific device, then they would recommend development with device specific features.

"Many companies are already invested in getting people into the web world," Koushik said. "So when you have a cross-platform approach that is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, the path into the mobile development world is not that big of a jump."

Among the biggest challenges in helping enterprises move to mobile apps is dealing with speed of delivery issues.

"How do you get large enterprises that have spent a lot of time building up delivery capabilities at a speed that is different than what is expected in the mobile space," Koushik said.

Koushik noted that when enterprises try and justify mobile development it's important to remember that at the core, what's happening is just the enablement of an existing business process on a new device.

"Everyone if fascinated by the technology aspect but, if you can't use it to make the business process more efficient and differentiated the ROI just doesn't work," Koushik said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.