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iPad Enterprise Deployment Guide: Everything Mobile IT Needs to Know

How to address the recent iPad security issues, iPad printing workarounds and iPad desktop and wireless sync options are just part of what's covered in our comprehensive mobile IT guide for managing the mobile computing device in the enterprise.

10 Reasons Why Mobile IT Needs to Prepare for Android

We offer expert analysis on why mobile computing smartphones running on Google's Linux-based Android OS are going to seriously challenge both the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Is Linux-Based Android 2.2. Ready for the Enterprise?

An overview of Android 2.2 features in the context of what they mean for mobile IT departments.

Is AT&T's New Tiered Data Plan Enough for Mobile Enterprises?

Unlimited data plans are bad for network performance, but even tiered data billing may not be enough to keep consumers and enterprise users happy.

Top 10 Mobile Office Tools for Summer Time

If you need to help staff stay in touch -- even during summer downtime -- we've got the tools you need to keep your mobile office workers connected while decompressing.

BoxTone, Moto Roll Out New Mobile Management Solutions

BoxTone and Motorola are introducing new services designed to allow mobile IT staff to oversee and evaluate mobile devices and network performance.

Ode to Devastating Data Plan Overages

Has your V.P. ever racked up $100,000 in roaming and texting charges? Mobile IT managers trying to budget data plans can empathize with the winners of Visage Mobile's Outrageous Overages Contest.

Mobile IT Should Adopt User-Segment Approach to Policy

Mobile office workers fall into vastly different demographics, so mobile management should not use a "one-size-fits-all" approach to policy, according to survey. Plus, the most productive tools for mobile employees.

Mobile IT Case Study: Migrating from Outlook, BlackBerry OS to Google Apps, Android

An overview of one business owner's switch from Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerrys to cloud-based Google Apps and the Linux-based Android Nexus One.

HP Dives Into Client Virtualization, Offers Mobile Thin Client

Company expands client virtualization offerings to provide improved performance and support for Citrix desktop virtualization.

Apperian Helps Mobile Management Create Customized Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone

Apperian helps mobile IT managers build internal mobile downloads for iPad and iPhone.

Mobile Security: Seven Steps for Supervising Personal Smartphones in the Enterprise

Our mobile IT manager’s guide to deploying and supervising personal smarpthones in the enterprise covers mobile security, the use of mobile apps and policy creation.

iPhone OS 4: Guide to Anticipated Mobile Management Functionality

Though Apple previewed iPhone OS 4 earlier this month, there's still a lot we don't know about the new mobile security and enterprise features. We provide a guide for what to expect when it debuts this summer.

Dell WP7S Lightning Strikes, Electrifies Buzz for New Windows Mobile Software Platform

Dell's Lightning, a portrait-slider Windows Phone 7, is striking. To get ready for Microsoft's new release, we provide a primer on Windows Phone 7 Series including five things every mobile IT manager should know.

Cisco WebEx, Sybase Afaria Mobile Management for iPad

Enterprise vendors, including Cisco and Sybase, are already lined up to support Apple's new mobile device, the iPad.

12 Reasons Why OS 4 Makes iPhone True Enterprise Mobile Device

We put the iPhone OS 4 upgrade into context for mobile IT staff by outlining features covering mobile security, deployment, mobile apps and mobile management. The iPhone is poised to rumble with RIM in the workplace.

Serve and Protect: Three Mobile Management Offerings

The mobile management space is expanding at a fast clip to keep pace with the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise. We highlight three new offerings covering mobile security and more.

Evaluating the iPad as Mobile Device for Enterprise

An overview of what types of mobile enterprise functionality the iPad delivers and a forecast for when it will become mass deployed in the enterprise for mobile computing.

Remote Control for BlackBerrys, Enterprise Mobile Management Support for iPad

Mobile management software firm Zenprise today rolls out remote control for BlackBerry troubleshooting and mobile security. Plus, enterprise management support for the iPad.

AT&T WorkBench Brings Mobile Security to iPhone

A mobile app for iPhone strengthens security to make the mobile device IT friendly. Also, AT&T rolls out two new mobile Web applications for Oracle CRM On Demand.

Deploying Real-Time, Wi-Fi- Based RFID for Mobile Asset Tracking, Telehealth

A primer on the benefits of Wi-Fi-based, real-time location systems. We cover deployment, security and examples of use in mobile health care and industries requiring asset tracking.

Regulatory Compliance Top Concern in Telehealth

Recognizing telemedicine trend, Fiberlink's cloud-based telehealth solution offers streamlined mobile management and mobile security HIPAA compliance.

19 Key Considerations for the iPad as Enterprise Mobile Device

Our comprehensive guide to 19 key mobile IT issues concerning the iPad in the office, classroom or hospital. We cover deployment, online collaboration, security, mobile apps and more. Plus, resources and tools for mobile management of the iPhone in the enterprise.

Mobile IT Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Smartphone

We outline key topics mobile IT staff need to evaluate to select the best smartphone for their mobile computing workforce.

BlackBerry Alert: RIM Rolls Out Free SMB Server Software

BlackBerry Exchange Server slims down for smaller businesses that want enterprise-level smartphone security without paying the high cost.

Wireless Network Security, Management from the Cloud

We highlight key features of three innovative software suites that offer cloud-based WLAN management programs.

BlackBerry OS: New BlackBerry Apps, MS Buying RIM?

Two new BlackBerry applications aimed at smartphone security and mobile management debut today. Plus, RIM rumors -- is Microsoft angling to buy Research In Motion?

Visage Mobile Offers Free Mobile Policy Template

If you need assistance in getting a corporate mobile policy in place, help is on the way. Mobile management software firm offers free mobility policy template to get you started.

Buyer's Guide: 5 Key Considerations for Mobile Management Software

Mobile device management is becoming more complex as smartphone use surges in the enterprise and mobile computing shows no sign of tapering off. We highlight five critical issues to assess when selecting mobile management software for your company.

10 Cloud Computing Startups for Mobile IT

To realize the cost savings from cloud computing, you may need mobile management software that addresses licensing, security and compatibility issues. Here are the highlights of 10 companies that can help.

Mobile IT Watch: Five Mobile Management Software Firms

We highlight key features of five promising mobile management startups that can help IT with smartphone security and supervision.

Mobile Device Management Made Easy

Good Technology buys CloudSync, extending mobile office support to laptops, ruggedized handhelds.

Workforce Going Mobile, Smartphone Use Surging

In three years, half of employees will be using smartphones in the enterprise as the workforce increasingly goes mobile, according to a recent study.

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