Why Mobile IT Should Choose Android Smartphones Over iPhones

Though Android smartphones are gaining traction in the mobile sector, they are just starting to trickle into the enterprise where BlackBerrys still dominate and iPhones are making significant headway. But Mobile IT staff facing the decision of what mobile devices to equip mobile office workers with should think twice before choosing and iPhone over the up-and-coming Android family of phones.

Choosing a good mobile smartphone is crucial for many small businesses. The right smartphone can make all the difference between being productive on the road and being ineffective away from the office. Small business owners looking to choose a mobile smartphone for themselves, or their workers, should think strongly about passing up the iPhone for an Android handset.

Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is a fine smartphone. I own one, and I've been using it since the first generation phones came out. Its interface is fantastic, you'll find tons of applications for it, and it tends to be a really good device.

As a consumer device, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend an iPhone (or Android phone) to a friend or family member. The two platforms are largely matched on features and application availability at this point. But the iPhone has several strikes against it as a business device that should give you pause, and have caused me to start looking at Android-powered smartphones.

Mobile Smartphone: Hardware

As an open source advocate, you might expect that most of my objections to the iPhone have to do with the fact that it's not even a tiny bit open source. The Android platform is based on Linux and much (but not all) of the code is open source. But that's not why I recommend Android for small business owners. The benefits of open source are fantastic, but the actual business case for the Android is what drives me to recommend it for small business. The fact that Android is open source is merely icing on the cake.

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