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10 Reasons Why Open Source CRM Solutions Make Sense

Most CRM applications will run on mobile devices, but SugarCRM -- which is releasing Sugar 6 this summer -- has made mobility a top priority. But there's nine other reasons to go open source when considering CRM solutions.

Mobile Download Guide to 35 iPhone Mobile Health Care Apps

We highlight 35 reference and calculator telehealth iPhone apps that health care IT staff can recommend to the employees they support.

Mobile Download Guide to 25 Windows Mobile Marketplace Apps

Don't fret if you still use Windows Mobile software 6.X, there's still plenty of worthwhile mobile apps to be found, including the 25 productivity and lifestyle apps we outline here -- most of which are free.

Top 10 Tasty Froyo Treats for Mobile App Developers

With the Linux mobile OS Android 2.2 SDK out, we highlight the top 10 features mobile app developers will want to know about.

iPad App Review: iWork Ready for Mobile Computing Prime Time?

Our reviewer provides a detailed evaluation of the franchise productivity mobile app from Apple, the iWork iPad app, to determine if it can handle mobile computing for the enterprise.

Google Entices Enterprise with Cloud-Based Dev Offering

App Engine for Business and a joint-venture with VMware are designed to help Google win over more enterprise customers. Will they work?

Mobile IT Guide to 21 Enterprise iPad Apps

We highlight the top 21 iPad apps for the business pro, with a focus on mobile downloads designed specifically for the mobile computing tablet.

Android Apps Front and Center at Google I/O

Linux-based Android is ready for its close-up at the Google developer conference as a raft of third-party mobile applications are slated for the spotlight.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Debuts As Free Windows Mobile App for 6.5

As Microsoft rolls out a significant upgrade to its office productivity and online collaboration suites, users of Windows Mobile 6.5 get Mobile Office as a free upgrade.

Apperian Helps Mobile Management Create Customized Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone

Apperian helps mobile IT managers build internal mobile downloads for iPad and iPhone.

Mobile Download Guide to Top 5 Enterprise Apps for iPad

As Apple's new handheld computing device passes 1 million in sales, we outline five of the best productivity iPhone apps for mobile office workers.

Top 71 Free iPad Apps: Mobile Downloads for Business, Fun

Now that you spent all that bank on Apple's hot new mobile device, why not load it up with the best, free mobile applications? We've got 71 for you to try.

Cisco WebEx BlackBerry App for Web Collaboration

Cisco today releases a free WebEx BlackBerry application that makes it easier to join and participate in meetings while on the road and that allows for online collaboration.

Mobile Application Trend: Business Intelligence Software

Mobile applications are one of the hottest, emerging trends in business intelligence software. Plus, other BI developments in the cloud and analytics.

50 Coolest Mobile Apps for the iPad

Highlights of the best mobile downloads for the iPad, covering productivity, business, gaming and entertainment.

Cisco WebEx, Sybase Afaria Mobile Management for iPad

Enterprise vendors, including Cisco and Sybase, are already lined up to support Apple's new mobile device, the iPad.

Mobile Downloads: 35 Productivity Apps for iPhone

As the iPad bows with big buzz and Apple shows off iPhone OS 4, we offer you 35 enterprise apps for the iPhone that will make your mobile workforce more productive -- right now.

Thousands of Mobile Apps for iPad Available Now

Some industry insight on the pricing and iPhone compatibility of the growing list of iPad mobile applications available for Apple's hottest new handheld computer.

LinkedIn BlackBerry App Makes Mobile Device More Social

The career-oriented social media site brings out a special mobile application for BlackBerry users.

Mobile Apps for iPad Abound, Could Launch With 700

Mobile applications are expected to number from 700 to thousands when Apple's new mobile device, the iPad, goes on sale.

Mobile App Wars: Survey Finds Android, iPad Developer Interest High

iPad enthusiasm among mobile application devs has slipped, but don't cry for Apple; Microsoft and RIM would kill to have Apple's survey numbers.

iPad Mobile Apps Store: Big Launch, Big Prices

The iPad will have many more mobile applications behind it on day one than the iPhone did. Another difference? Many of those mobile apps will come at a premium price.

Enterprise Apps Beyond SAP with Mowego Platform

The Mowego platform enables mobile communications and connectivity between enterprises and their workforces by meshing SAP functionality with non-SAP data, other applications and smartphones.

Microsoft's Yap Speech Recognition BlackBerry App

Microsoft adopts start up Yap's speech-to-text technology to enable Sprint's BlackBerry OS users to respond to text messages and e-mails with voice recognition mobile app.

Free Security Applications for Mobile Management

Highlights of seven advanced, free security applications covering VPNs, encrypting flash drives and locking down public workstations.

Google Offers Migration Tool for Microsoft Exchange Data

The Internet giant's new migration tool helps Microsoft Exchange customers transfer data to Google Apps. The move is the company's latest assault on Microsoft in a brewing collaboration software war.

BlackBerry Application Devs Get Push Update as Mobile App Usage Soars

Using the new push feature, BlackBerry OS developers can send up to 8KB of content in each transmission update. Plus, recent stats on mobile application downloads cite a super surge.

Apple's Next Mobile OS Ready for Multitasking?

A popular blog following all things Apple says that iPhone users will finally get multitasking with the 4.0 release of the iPhone OS. But when will 4.0 make its debut?

Google Launches Apps Marketplace

The new enterprise Apps Marketplace lets developers integrate directly with Google Apps, making their applications, and the data they support, more readily accessible to users.

AT&T Unveils Mobile Apps Portal for SMBs

The nation's No. 2 wireless carrier raises the curtain on a new portal that helps small businesses find the mobile downloads that best match their mobile computing needs. Plus, AT&T rolls out a new BlackBerry app along with three other fresh mobile applications aimed at increasing productivity.

Sherpa Bolsters Google's Enterprise Apps for Mobile IT

SherpaTools is a Google Apps reseller that also offers mobile IT managers customization options not available from the Internet company.

50 Magnificent Free Windows Mobile Apps

Don't feel left out of the mobile applications craze just because you use Windows Mobile software. We highlight 50 great Microsoft Windows Mobile downloads. The best part? They're free.

Five Enterprise Apps for Mobile Computing

Consumer mobile apps have been all the rage, but more enterprise applications for all sorts of business-related tasks are starting to surface. We highlight five recent mobile downloads for the workplace.

Amazon Offers Free Kindle BlackBerry Application

The online retail giant just made the BlackBerry OS even sweeter by introducing a mobile app for Kindle.

Worldwide Mobile Apps Store Aiming for Apple

When it comes to mobile computing, it's clear that Apple's App Store is the leader in mobile downloads. A global consortium of wireless industry stalwarts is hoping to change that.

Urban Airship Leverages In-App Push Services on iPhone

Push notification services take off on the iPhone. Now, fresh off a round of venture funding, the company is eyeing the iPad, the mobile enterprise and other platforms such as Android.

Top 10 Mobile Applications for Busy Mobile Managers

A list of 10 cool mobile apps for BlackBerrys, iPhones and Android smartphones.

Mobile VoIP: Verizon to Offer Unlimited Skype Calls on Network

The nation's No. 1 carrier unveils the details of a collaboration with VoIP firm Skype that was 'hiding in plain sight' for a year. Under the new partnership, the former foes are offering a mobile Skype app for Verizon's 3G smartphones.

Google Buzz Goes Mobile on Smartphones

The Internet giant unveils a social networking service for Gmail and Android smartphones, iPhone.

New Crop of Mobile VoIP Services Cut Data Plan Costs

Already available for Symbian, Android, and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, VPhone recently joined the near-endless roster of mobile apps available through the iTunes App Store. These and other mobile VoIP apps can help mobile IT manage wireless costs.

Google's Online Collaboration Play with Enterprise Apps

Google adds smartphone security features to mobile enterprise apps to make them more mobile IT-friendly. Is this a push to take on RIM in the workplace?

Cisco Plans iPhone Update as Part of UC Push

The networking giant sees the iPhone as a key part of its unified communications strategy in the mobile enterprise app space.

iPad Brings Mobile Computing to Enterprise

Make no mistake: Apple's handheld computer will make its way into the workforce. Analysts weigh in on the enterprise apps that will make the iPad part of the mobile office, as well as on mobile security and management challenges for IT.

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