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Corporate 'App Stores' Gain Converts

Canalys predicts that 'enterprise app stores will redefine channel IT business over the next three years.'

Microsoft 'Refreshes' Dev Tools for Windows Phone 'Mango'

Microsoft ships refreshed developer tools for writing Windows Phone ‘Mango’ apps.

Apple iOS Gets New Opera Browser

Safari isn't the only browser for iPhone AND iPad users, Opera is now out with Opera 6 . What makes it any different than Safari?

'Mango' to Add 500 New Features

Microsoft plans to announce new features coming to Windows Phone 7's first major update Tuesday at a gala in New York.

Top iPad Travel Apps and Accessories

Is the iPad the ideal travel computer? Maybe if you accessorize it and invest in a few road-worthy apps.

iPhone-to-Windows-Phone 'Translation Dictionary' Out

Comparing it to a French-to-English dictionary, Microsoft releases the first draft of programmer's iOS-to-Windows-Phone dictionary.

50 Great Windows Phone 7 Apps

Get the most out of your Windows Phone 7 device with these useful (and mostly free) apps.

Mobile Download Guide: iPhone Apps for Project Management & Collaboration

We highlight key features of the best iPhone apps for collaboration -- it's all about team work with the mobile office worker.

Egnyte Enterprise for iPad App Provides Secure File Sync and Share

The Egnyte Enterprise for iPad app offers secure, round-the-clock access to files along with complete file server user management capabilities.

50 Terrific Android Apps for Organizing Data On the Go

Our list of 50 fantastic Android apps for monitoring and managing the flood of information and data you need to track for business and pleasure.

Mobile Download Guide: 80 Essential iPhone Apps for Small Business

Our list of the best iPhone apps for small businesses covers productivity, accounting, file and task management, organization and much more.

Mobile Management Guide: Everything Mobile IT Needs to Deploy the iPad as Data Center Tool

With these tips and eight iPad apps, you can convert your iPad into a data center tool for the enterprise.

The Top 50 Free Windows Phone 7 Apps

This list of the best, free Windows Phone 7 mobile apps covers productivity and business, entertainment, social networking, tools and utilities.

50 Fantastic Android Apps for Mobile Office Workers

We highlight 50 of the best Android apps for mobile computing employees who need to track, manage and update their information.

The Top 104 iPad Apps for Business and Pleasure

We offer highlights of the coolest 104 iPad apps that cover entertainment, lifestyle, work and play.

RIM, Amazon Debut MP3 for BlackBerry

New app lets BlackBerry users buy and search Amazon's extensive music collection and features a social media component similar to Apple's Ping.

Google Makes Voice Search More 'Personal'

Google added personalization to its Voice Search speech recognition product. Additionally, new features in Google Voice support iPad and iPod Touch.

50 Fantastic iPad Apps for Saving Money During Holiday Shopping

If you have an iPad, you have the perfect mobile device for planning your holiday purchases. We highlight 50 top mobile apps that will help you save money while shopping.

Mobile App Guide: Nifty Navigation and Travel iPhone Apps

We highlight key features of dozens of iPhone apps that will help you with mapping, directions, travel services and itineraries for voyages near and far.

Mobile BI: How to Run Your Business On the iPad

Apple's mobile computing device just may be the best thing to happen to business intelligence since the "dashboard." We highlight key features of Roambi and other mobile BI apps and services.

35 Fantastic, Free Android Apps

We've got your mobile computing needs covered with these 35 terrific, free mobile apps for Android.

Google Docs Goes Mobile With Editing Feature

Search giant adds new editing capabilities for Android and Apple mobile devices as it continues to expand its buffet of services tailored for wireless devices.

Google Voice Lands on iPhone

It wasn't an easy process, but after high drama and competitive sparring between the two rivals, Google's Voice service is finally available as an app for Apple's iPhone.

Review: Four Apps for Printing with the iPad

We test and review four iPad printing apps -- Cortado Workplace, Print Magic HD, MobileToolz and PrintCentral -- to see which is the best mobile app for turning the tablet into a printer for mobile office workers.

Top 50 iPad Apps for Networking and Communicating

These 50 mobile apps for the iPad cover email, chat, messaging and networking and will keep you in touch with family, friends and fellow employees.

Mobile Download Guide: Top iPhone Finance Apps for Mobile Banking

We highlight over 80 great mobile apps for managing and tracking finances on the iPhone.

50 iPad Apps that Focus on Instruction, Education

Turn your iPad into a mobile computing classroom with these 50 great educational mobile apps covering everything from business to lifestlye.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone Sports Free Video Voice Calls

The new features work on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 models via either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Taking Care of Business with 12 Great Android Apps for Enterprise Users

A dozen Android apps for mobile office workers covering document management, travel planning, expenses, dictation, scanning and more.

Mobile Download Guide: 30 iPhone Apps to Help Educators Manage Classrooms

Mobile IT in educational environments can help their fellow employees by recommending these 30 iPhone apps that help with class management.

Mobile Download Guide to 50 Free Android Apps

We highlight dozens of fantastic, free mobile apps for your Android-powered smartphone, covering everything from mobile computing and productivity to entertainment and life style.

Android App Roundup: Mobile Downloads for Work, Play

We compiled a list of Android apps that will help you with mobile computing as well as provide some fun.

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Solving iPad's Filing Problem

We evaluate three iPad apps that boost mobile computing by making it easier to view, organize and share files on the iPad and transfer them to and from the mobile device.

RIM Roundup: Top 13 Newsworthy BlackBerry Apps, Updates

Research In Motion's been busy lately -- we highlight the top BlackBerry apps, BES and BlackBerry 6 updates released in the past six weeks.

Mobile Download Guide to Best Health, Fitness iPhone Apps

Here is a roundup of nearly 80 mobile apps relating to wellness for iPhone users who want to monitor nutrition or diseases, track daily exercise and weight loss regimes, know what to do in an emergency and much more.

50 Mobile Apps for Productivity on the iPad

Turn your iPad into a true mobile computing device with these 50 great mobile apps for mobile office workers.

Twitter Details Mobile Growth, Third-Party Client Use

The social media service talks up its growing attraction to mobile users which now has over 145 million registered users.

Mobile Security: 20 Great Android Apps

We highlight 20 Android security apps that will help mobile IT protect data and devices.

The Era of Videoconferencing on Smartphones and Tablets is Here

Tablet PCs such as the Cisco Cius and smartphones such as the iPhone 4 are finally making videoconferencing a viable component of mobile computing. We outline the mobile devices, mobile apps, services and accessories that are part of this emerging trend.

10 Great Mobile Apps for Boosting Smartphone Performance

Ten apps mobile management can recommend to optimize iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android smartphones for mobile computing.

Android App Roundup: 75 of the Best Mobile Linux Downloads

To help you find the best mobile apps for your Android-powered handsets, we highlight 75 stellar Android apps covering everything from social networking to augmented reality.

Adobe Releases Flash 10.1 to Android Market

The multimedia software is now available for all devices running Google's Android 2.2 mobile operating systems software.

Mobile App Guide: iPhone Telehealth Tools for Health Care Pros

Our list of nearly 50 of the best mobile downloads for iPhone users in the health care industry.

Google's App Inventor Lowers Bar on Android Mobile App Dev

No programming required, as Linux-based Android app development gets a boost with new Google effort to simplify building mobile downloads.

Mobile Download Guide: 15 Android Apps for the Enterprise

We highlight 15 mobile enterprise apps for Android-powered mobile devices for your mobile computing workforce.

Mobile App Trend: Mobile VoIP Downloads Surging

Mobile VoIP continues to grow in popularity, with mobile downloads of the technology increasing at a rapid pace.

Microsoft Releases Live Messenger Mobile App for iPhone, iPad

The software giant aims to tie its name to Apple's popular iPhone and other mobile devices with Messenger mobile download.

RIM Gives BlackBerry App World a Major Update

The app store for the BlackBerry gets a significant upgrade that brings it more in line with Apple's store in terms of features and options.

Amazon Kindle Update Connects to Facebook and Twitter

Free firmware update for Amazon's mobile device also adds password protection, new fonts and "Collections" for organizing your books and documents.

Cisco Prepping iPad, iPhone Collaboration Services

The networking giant is testing a new enterprise collaboration platform, with a specialized mobile app offering, called Mobile Quad, optimized for the iPad and iPhone.

10 Reasons Why Open Source CRM Solutions Make Sense

Most CRM applications will run on mobile devices, but SugarCRM -- which is releasing Sugar 6 this summer -- has made mobility a top priority. But there's nine other reasons to go open source when considering CRM solutions.

Mobile Download Guide to 35 iPhone Mobile Health Care Apps

We highlight 35 reference and calculator telehealth iPhone apps that health care IT staff can recommend to the employees they support.

Mobile Download Guide to 25 Windows Mobile Marketplace Apps

Don't fret if you still use Windows Mobile software 6.X, there's still plenty of worthwhile mobile apps to be found, including the 25 productivity and lifestyle apps we outline here -- most of which are free.

Top 10 Tasty Froyo Treats for Mobile App Developers

With the Linux mobile OS Android 2.2 SDK out, we highlight the top 10 features mobile app developers will want to know about.

iPad App Review: iWork Ready for Mobile Computing Prime Time?

Our reviewer provides a detailed evaluation of the franchise productivity mobile app from Apple, the iWork iPad app, to determine if it can handle mobile computing for the enterprise.

Google Entices Enterprise with Cloud-Based Dev Offering

App Engine for Business and a joint-venture with VMware are designed to help Google win over more enterprise customers. Will they work?

Mobile IT Guide to 21 Enterprise iPad Apps

We highlight the top 21 iPad apps for the business pro, with a focus on mobile downloads designed specifically for the mobile computing tablet.

Android Apps Front and Center at Google I/O

Linux-based Android is ready for its close-up at the Google developer conference as a raft of third-party mobile applications are slated for the spotlight.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Debuts As Free Windows Mobile App for 6.5

As Microsoft rolls out a significant upgrade to its office productivity and online collaboration suites, users of Windows Mobile 6.5 get Mobile Office as a free upgrade.

Apperian Helps Mobile Management Create Customized Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone

Apperian helps mobile IT managers build internal mobile downloads for iPad and iPhone.

Mobile Download Guide to Top 5 Enterprise Apps for iPad

As Apple's new handheld computing device passes 1 million in sales, we outline five of the best productivity iPhone apps for mobile office workers.

Top 71 Free iPad Apps: Mobile Downloads for Business, Fun

Now that you spent all that bank on Apple's hot new mobile device, why not load it up with the best, free mobile applications? We've got 71 for you to try.

Cisco WebEx BlackBerry App for Web Collaboration

Cisco today releases a free WebEx BlackBerry application that makes it easier to join and participate in meetings while on the road and that allows for online collaboration.

Mobile Application Trend: Business Intelligence Software

Mobile applications are one of the hottest, emerging trends in business intelligence software. Plus, other BI developments in the cloud and analytics.

50 Coolest Mobile Apps for the iPad

Highlights of the best mobile downloads for the iPad, covering productivity, business, gaming and entertainment.

Cisco WebEx, Sybase Afaria Mobile Management for iPad

Enterprise vendors, including Cisco and Sybase, are already lined up to support Apple's new mobile device, the iPad.

Mobile Downloads: 35 Productivity Apps for iPhone

As the iPad bows with big buzz and Apple shows off iPhone OS 4, we offer you 35 enterprise apps for the iPhone that will make your mobile workforce more productive -- right now.

Thousands of Mobile Apps for iPad Available Now

Some industry insight on the pricing and iPhone compatibility of the growing list of iPad mobile applications available for Apple's hottest new handheld computer.

LinkedIn BlackBerry App Makes Mobile Device More Social

The career-oriented social media site brings out a special mobile application for BlackBerry users.

Mobile Apps for iPad Abound, Could Launch With 700

Mobile applications are expected to number from 700 to thousands when Apple's new mobile device, the iPad, goes on sale.

Mobile App Wars: Survey Finds Android, iPad Developer Interest High

iPad enthusiasm among mobile application devs has slipped, but don't cry for Apple; Microsoft and RIM would kill to have Apple's survey numbers.

iPad Mobile Apps Store: Big Launch, Big Prices

The iPad will have many more mobile applications behind it on day one than the iPhone did. Another difference? Many of those mobile apps will come at a premium price.

Enterprise Apps Beyond SAP with Mowego Platform

The Mowego platform enables mobile communications and connectivity between enterprises and their workforces by meshing SAP functionality with non-SAP data, other applications and smartphones.

Microsoft's Yap Speech Recognition BlackBerry App

Microsoft adopts start up Yap's speech-to-text technology to enable Sprint's BlackBerry OS users to respond to text messages and e-mails with voice recognition mobile app.

Free Security Applications for Mobile Management

Highlights of seven advanced, free security applications covering VPNs, encrypting flash drives and locking down public workstations.


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