50 Coolest Mobile Apps for the iPad

There's already thousands of mobile downloads available for Apple's hot new mobile device. To get you started, we offer 50 of the best mobile apps for the iPad, including 10 enterprise titles for mobile computing and many more for entertainment and gaming.

iPad apps? Who needs them? ask the naysayers.

The iPad is nothing but a large iPod Touch, they claim. We answer: With the right iPad apps, that is so not true.

The iPad is an interesting way to read newspapers and magazines, but you need a notebook PC to get real work done. Oh no: with the best iPad apps, this Apple mobile device delivers on both the productivity and entertainment fronts.

The iPad’s large touchscreen offers an easy way to view and interact with content. Armed with the right apps, you'll quickly see why it's the most personal personal computer yet.

To help you discover new things you can do with your iPad, peruse this list of the 50 most useful, fun, unconventional and surprising iPad apps so far. Download some and learn that your iPad is much more than just a digital newspaper. Have apps, will travel.

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50 Coolest iPad Apps (So Far)


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