Mobile Application Trend: Business Intelligence Software

One of the hottest emerging mobile trends is business intelligence enterprise apps for the mobile office. Mobile BI software is poised to take off, according to analysts, and to tap into GPS and touchscreen capabilities of smartphones. Players in the sector include SAS, SAP Business Objects, Oracle and Microstrategy, as well as startups such as Roambi and Softmaster, which all offer hardware and software for enterprises to provide BI system access for iPhones, Android handhelds and BlackBerrys.

Business Intelligence software’s biggest emerging technology over the next year or two will be from the smallest devices. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android-powered handsets can access online data stores, analytical applications and other parts of the business intelligence stack. This provides senior executives, field sales teams and retail clerks with real-time access to sales trends, potential inventory issues or supply chain glitches.

For instance, the CEO of the MolsonCoors beer company uses his iPhone to check on key performance indicators and other business intelligence data, according to Katrina Coyle, global information officer.

Her comments were one of many examples of the rise of mobile device access to business intelligence software, data and analytics tools, and exemplified one of nine emerging technologies highlighted at the Gartner BI Summit, held last week in Las Vegas.

In more than a dozen interviews over the three days of the event, I did a fact check on the 9 emerging trends noted by Kurt Schlegel, Gartner VP for research and one of its top business intelligence seers. Some agreed with his list, others had their own lists. Schlegel’s list, with my comments:

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