Mobile Download Guide to 35 iPhone Mobile Health Care Apps


Medical errors cost the country billions of dollars and thousands of lives annually. One way to reduce those numbers is to increase the use of information technology in the health sector through digital medicine and telehealth initiatives, both of which featured prominently in the debate surrounding the recent overhaul of the healthcare system recently passed by Congress and signed by the President.

A 10-year roadmap for improving the nation's healthcare system released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services a few years ago prescribed increased use of information technology, including mobile devices, as among the most cost effective ways to enhance patient care quality and reduce medical errors.

More recently, a report entitled "A 21st Century Roadmap for Advancing America's Health: the Path from Peril to Progress," written by a commission of national healthcare experts convened by the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, touted the expansion health IT systems as way of saving as much as $261 billion over a the next decade.

So, in short, it's safe to say IT professionals are on the frontlines in today's battle to improve the nation's healthcare system.

With that mind, over the next three articles in our ongoing series on great downloads for the iPhone, we turn our attention to health-related iPhone applications information technology staff can recommend to the people they support. The first two articles focus on mobile apps IT managers can steer doctors, nurses, physician's assistants, and other healthcare professionals to help them increase and maintain medical knowledge, enhance the care for patients, and (of course) reduce the risk of error.


The one you're reading now includes medical apps under the categories of references & Dictionaries and Calculators. Next up we'll cover mobile applications under what've we've labeled the Support Tools and Education, Learning & News categories.

We'll follow these up with a comprehensive list of health, medical, and lifestyle iPhone apps targeted with keeping people healthy by helping them better manage medical conditions, as well as eat and exercise right. It'll be a list that IT can recommend to healthcare pros and end users alike.

References & Dictionaries
ACC Pocket Guidelines (free, download) - A support tool that provides concise and portable reference tools for clinicians from the American College of Cardiology Foundation. It is Adapted from the full text edition of ACC/AHA Practice Guidelines, among other resources.

Blausen Human Atlas ($19.99, download) - Medical term and anatomy glossary that lets users view and manipulate illustrations and 3D animations of the human body and common medical conditions. Lite version (free, download) offers limited functionality and available in Spanish ($19.99, download).

Davis's Drug Guide (free, download) - Delivers up-to-date information for thousands of name and generic drugs, including dosing and administration, patient safety, patient teaching, and more; requires $49.95 subscription through Unbound Medicine, which you can purchase from within the app after download.

Diagnosaurus DDx ($0.99, download) - Point of care quick reference tool with over 1,000 differential diagnoses.

Drug Pronunciations Lite (free, download) - Places audio with the accurate pronunciations of over 200 drugs on your iPhone. The full version ($2.99, download) includes over 2500 drugs.

Drug Trials (free, download) - App for doctors and patients includes a database of over 80,000 clinical trials registered with the US government.


EMRA Antibiotic Guide ($15.99, download) - EMRA ABx Guide for healthcare pros working in an emergency department. Includes antibiotics based on organ system, diagnosis, or organism.

Eponyms (for students) (free, download) - Reference and study tool with descriptions of over 1700 medical eponyms (i.e. Sheehan's syndrome, Menke's disease, Barton's fracture), which are terms derived from a real or fictitious person or creature.

ICDMeister ($14.99, download) - Searchable database of all 2010 ICD-9 codes.

MedCodes-09 ($99.99, download) - Places complete 2009 medical database of the ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS codes from the AMA for all medical specialties at your fingertips.

Medical Encyclopedia (free, download) - Comprehensive medical reference with over 50,000 pages, developed by Maryland Medical Center. Categories include symptoms, injury, disease, surgery, nutrition, special topics, poison, tests, and YouTube videos.

Medical Lab Tests ($5.99, download) - Provides data about the most common clinical laboratory tests for doctors, nurses and medical students.

Medical Spanish ($4.99, download) - Spanish phrasebook with medical phrases that's intended to serve as a personal interpreter for healthcare professionals.

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy ($49.99, download) - Skyscape-produced app with information on diagnosing and treating medical disorders as well as specific guidance for performing patient examinations.


Medscape (free, download) - Provides mobile access clinical information and images about diseases, treatment, drugs, and medical news for those with a Medscape account through WebMD; does not require subscription for the first 24 hours.

Muscle System Pro ($19.99, download) - Reference tool that allows the medical students and doctors to zoom in and identify an individual muscle; includes 350 3D images of the muscle system.

Normal Lab Values ($1.99, download) - Provides reference laboratory values in US and SI units to help healthcare professionals interpret test results.


Pedi STAT ($2.99, download) - Reference app for those caring for pediatric patients in critical care and emergency settings.

Pocket Lab Values ($2.99, download) - Supplies access to common lab values to medical students, residents, doctors, nurses, and other staff working in a hospital, lab, or private practice.

Psych Drugs (free, download) - Reference tool that provides details on psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and anti-anxiety medications.

PsychTerms (free, download) -Dictionary with over 1000 frequently used psychiatric and mental health terms, phrases and definitions.

SonoAccess (free, download) - Reference and learning app for interpreting ultrasounds; includes videos and over 100 ultrasound images.

STAT ICD-9 LITE (free, download) - Places all 2008 ICD-9 diagnosis codes on your iPhone. Full version ($29.99, download) includes all 14,316 2010 ICD-9 codes.

The ECG Guide ($0.99, download) - Reference app with descriptions and details over 200 common and uncommon adult and pediatric electromyograms.


GFR Calculator ($4.99, download) - Kidney glomerular filtration rate calculator

MedCalc (free, download) - Medical calculator for mobile access to a large number of complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications.

Medical Calculator ($0.99, download) - Mobile access to formulas for over 50 medical calculations.

Skyscape RxDrugs: Dosing Companion (free, download) - Places dosing guidelines on brand and generic drugs, with nearly 400 integrated weight-based drug dosing calculators, in the palm of your hand.

Sleep ER ($0.99, download) - Shows users how lack of sleep leaves them cognitively impaired; perfect for sleep deprived residents and doctors.

STAT Framingham Heart Age (free, download) - Sex-specific general cardiovascular disease prediction tool for primary-care physicians.

STAT GrowthCharts ($5.99, download) - Pediatric app to calculate growth percentiles and Z scores using CDC Growth Charts including the Body Mass Index-for-age charts. Also calculates blood pressure ranges for children and adolescents.


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