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The next time you see your doctor and he or she looks up a bit of information—drug interactions, diagnosis data, treatment options, etc.—on a smartphone, such as the iPhone, don't worry. Instead of indicating a lack of knowledge, the physician is using a reliable method to deliver better and safer treatment, as we demonstrated in our last article in our ongoing series on great mobile apps for the iPhone

In that posting, we presented 35 applications an IT manager can recommend to doctors, nurses, residents, and other health care professionals they support in a medical setting. Whereas that article focused on references, dictionaries, and calculators, this time around we turn our attention to support tools—of the comprehensive variety and those for specific specialties. We also highlight apps that aid in the education and exam preparation of students as well as the ongoing learning and certification of those already in healthcare-related fields.

Next up, we'll compile a list of health, medical, and lifestyle downloads that  help iPhoners stay healthy. IT mangers can recommend them to health care pros for their patients as well as end users in general.

Support Tools
AirStrip OB (free, download) - Allows 0bstetricians to remotely monitor patients at hospitals with the AirStrip OB system installed.

Allscripts Remote (free, download)- Enables doctors to remotely control their Allscripts Enterprise EHR or Allscripts Professional EHR electronic health record systems from iPhone.

BLACKBAG Medical Resources (free, download) - Places useful tools, medical news, and other resources—such as conference coverage, journal summaries, videos podcasts, and FDA MedWatch safety alerts—in the hands of health care pros across multiple disciplines.

Care360 Mobile (free, download) - Mobile companion to Quest Diagnostics Care360TM Labs & Meds system that allows physicians to access patient medication history, lab results and more from their iPhone.


Dr. Rounds ($24.99, download) - Allows health care professionals to keep patient lists (with pertinent personal and treatment data and notes) that track admissions, daily visits, diagnoses, procedures and types of services while maintaining uninterrupted patient billing charges.

Epocrates (free, download) - All purpose point-of-care app provides information to help physicians and others make medical decisions. Standard edition includes national and regional health care insurance formularies, including Medicare Part D; dozens of calculators, such as BMI and GFR; and more. Three premium editions -- EpocratesRx Pro, Epocrates Essentials, and Epocrates Essentials Deluxe Epocrates ($99, $159, and $199 per year, respectively) -- progressively offer more features (see here for more info).

e-Val MD ($4.99, download) - All-purpose tool for taking and logging patients' medical history and recording physical examinations.

EyeChart (free, download) - Provides randomized Snellen and Tumbling E Charts for eye care professionals.

Eye Test ($0.99, download) - Portable testing tool with tests for visual acuity, visual illusion, and color.


Full Code ($0.99, download) - Color coded cardiac arrest intervention recorder that EMS personnel can use to instruct even an untrained bystander on what to do by calling out the color corresponding to the treatment; includes a visual and auditory 2 minute update alarm. Pro version ($1.99, download) designed to make recording critical interventions easier and more accurate.

Headache Diary ($1.99, download) - Lets users keep a daily log of their headaches so as to better manage pain; could be a useful tool for doctors to prescribe patients.

iChart EMR ($139.99, download) - Digital medical assistant to manage patient records with iPrescribing, iBilling, iLab Reports, and iNotes; designed to be used by a single provider or an entire network of users.


Informed RN Pocket Guide ($9.99, download) - Reference and point-of-care tool for nurses. Latest edition includes vital assessment information and a mental health section covers common disorders.

Lexi-Comp Individual Application (free, download) - Provides comprehensive access to Lexi-Comp medical databases, including images, charts and tables, for 30 days. After that, you can buy access to individual databases or the whole enchilada for $285.00 here.

Nursing Central (free, download) - App from Unbound Medicine that allows nurses and students to locate detailed information (over 60,000 terms in all) on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. Requires $159.95 subscription before content can be viewed.

Pediatric Care Online (PCO) (free, download) - Unbound Medicine-built app provides point-of-care guidance to pediatricians subscribed to the American Academy of Pediatrics' Pediatric Care Online site.

Skyscape's Medical Bag ($1.99, download) - Collection of clinical tools with life support information topics and guidelines; 50 lab tests; over 185 medical calculators; and a feed of breaking medical news and information. Also includes the same RxDrugs dosing information, Outlines in Clinical Medicine, and Archimedes medical calculator suite as Skyscape Medical Resources (see below).


Skyscape Medical Resources (free, download) - Free medical information and decision support resources (RxDrugs, Outlines in Clinical Medicine, Archimedes medical calculator, and MedAlert) for health care professionals; serves as kind of gateway to Skyscapes many other mobile medical and health resources.

STAT Cardiac Clearance (free, download) - Helps doctors follow ACC/AHA guidelines on preoperative cardiovascular evaluation and care when clearing a patient for non-cardiac surgery.

Education, Learning & News
Anatomy Pronunciations Lite (free, download) - Delivers accurate audio pronunciations of over 100 anatomy terms. Pro edition ($2.99, download) ups the number of included terms to over 700.

iAnatomy ($0.99, download) - Anatomy atlas composed of images and CT scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

BoardReview (free, download) - Portable study tool for medical and nursing students.

DAT AudioLearn ($14.99, download) - Audio study guide and test preparation app for Dental Admission Test (DAT).

Diagnose the Disease Game (free, download) - Educational game from Epocrates aims to put the fun back in disease diagnoses for health care pros and laypeople alike.

General Medical History (free, download) - Reference and learning app for medical students studying for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam.

Human Body 3D Anatomy ($2.99, download) - An interactive 3D rendering of all the structures, organs and systems that make up the human body.



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