Mobile Download Guide to Best Health, Fitness iPhone Apps

allergyalert.jpgSmartphones are great tools for helping people track and maintain good health. The iPhone is no exception. With over 250,000 applications currently available in the App Store, Apple's cell phone may just be—if not the most useful, then certainly the most flexible—mobile device ever to put medical and health-related reference material at people's fingertips.

With the right mobile apps installed, the iPhone can help folks monitor their nutrition; follow daily activity, exercise, and weight loss regimes; calculate and track various biological factors; diagnose illness; monitor disease; know what to do in an emergency; etc.

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of mobile apps for the iPhone, both free and paid, covering the categories listed above -- and more. There's something for everyone, and no one should be without at least a couple tucked away on their iPhone.

This is the third article in our series on health apps for the iPhone. While the first two focused on applications IT managers could recommend to healthcare professionals, this one is full of apps anyone should find useful. The amazing thing is it only scratches the surface of what's available.

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2Fat (free, download) - An advertising-supported BMI (Body Mass Index) and Body Fat Percentage calculator. Paid version, 2Fat+ ($0.99, download) kills the ads.

Advanced BMR Calculator ($0.99, download) - BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator to determine the amount of energy expended while at rest.

Absolute Fitness ($4.99, download) - Comprehensive tool for managing food intake (with data on over 10,000 different foods), exercise, and weight.

Allergy Alert (free, download) - Delivers current and forecasted allergy, asthma, cold-n-cough, and ultraviolet index levels for your location.

aSleep Classic ($0.99, download) - Imparts soothing sounds to help you fall and stay asleep.

Baby's Coming (free, download) - Enables upcoming mothers and their partners to track the progress of labor.

BMI Calculator (free, download) - Another easy-to-use app for calculating and tracking your BMI.

BodyBook Fitness Journal ($3.99, download) - A journal designed to help people quickly record their workouts.

Body Values Light (free, download) - All-purpose health calculator and reference for monitoring and analyzing weight, BMI, body fat, blood pressure, and pulse.

BP Buddy ($0.99, download) - A daily logger to help you keep your blood pressure in check.

Best Diet Foods (free, download) - A list of health foods (e.g. Avocados, Blueberries, Flax Seeds, Garlic, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Wine, etc.) to incorporate into your diet.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator (free, download) - Estimates your blood alcohol concentration and facilitates the search for taxis near your location.

Calorie Tracker ($2.99, download) - Track your daily calories and exercise; includes database with the nutritional value of over 625,000 food and restaurant items.

Color Blind Test (free, download) - An app that tests for color blindness.

Cures A-Z (free, download) - Provides advice on natural and prescriptive remedies, health conditions in general, and nutrition.

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Dental Expert (free, download) - Aims to help lay people understand all aspects of dentistry and procedures.

Diabetes Log (free, download) - Tool to track glucose readings, food intake, and medicine records of a diabetic.

Dietician ($7.99, download) - A standalone diet and meal plan generator.

EatRight 90 ($1.99, download) - Portion-based personal food log and checklist that also includes a 90-day plan to get you fit.

Edibles - Diet Journal ($4.99, download) - Simple calorie and exercise journal to help you lose weight.


egoFITNESS ($2.99, download) - Includes video clips to show you how to do 120 toning, muscle power and cardio exercises .

Fast Food Calorie Counter ($0.99, download) - Handy app that places a comprehensive fast food and restaurant nutrition guide on your iPhone.

Find a Hospital (iHospital) ($0.99, download) - Uses iPhone's GPS feature to locate and direct you to the nearest hospital.

First Aid ($0.99, download) - Step-by-step first aid guide with illustrated how-to tutorials; also stores local emergency number in your area.

FitSync ($4.99, download) - Workout app that lets you choose an existing exercise regimen from a large database or create your own. Includes over 1600 exercises & videos, 500 workouts, and 60 multi-week programs and, as the name implies, can sync to a FITSYNC.COM account or your twitter, Facebook feeds and more.

Free Menstrual Calendar (free, download) - Guide to help woman track their menstrual cycle and predict their most fertile days.

From Couch to 5K ($2.99, download) - Low-stress yet goal-orientated app to get your couch potato up and moving (jogging and walking) over a nine-week period.

GoodFoodNearYou (free, download) - Skip the fast food on your next trip with app that determines the healthiest and best food options within your vicinity.

Glucose Buddy (free download) - A utility to help people manage their diabetes.

Headache Diary ($1.99, download) - A daily log to help frequent headache sufferers and their doctors learn more about —and, perhaps, discover the reason for —their headaches. Lite version (download) limits the number diary entries and does not include e-mail export.

Health Tips 1000 (free, download) - Full of concise diet, exercise, and safety tips to help get (and keep) you healthy.

Hrate ($0.99, download) - Determine target resting to maximum heart rate zones for training and exercise purposes.


H1N1 (Swine Flu) Update (free, download) - Stay on top of evolving H1N1 strain of the flu situation through up-to-data information from the likes of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and CNN.

iBody ($4.99, download) - A fitness and health manager for both those new to exercise and experienced athletes. Also documents blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, body fat index or the number of calories burned as well as track how far you run or bike during a workout via GPS.

iFirstAid Lite (free, download) - Mobile assistant based on the "First Aid Emergency Handbook" covering areas such as CPR, Bleeding, Burns, Choking, and Poisoning.

iFitness ($1.99, download) - Personal trainer with pictures, videos and instructions of over 300 exercises.

iHeadache - Headache & Migraine Diary ($9.99, download) - Track, record and analyze headache symptoms, duration and severity, disability and impact , medication and usage, number of headaches, and headache triggers.

i-Inject ($14.99, download) - Help patients with the tracking and organizing of treatment programs that require multiple injection sites and oral medications.


iMapMy ($4.99, download) - Uses iPhone's GPS function to map cyclists' workouts, while providing data on duration, distance, pace, speed, and elevation.

iPee ($0.99, download) - Uses sounds (Waterfall, Hydrant, Beach, Rain, etc.) and images to help those with bashful bladders urinate.

iPeriod (free, download) - Calendar to view and track your menstrual and ovulatory cycles. Ultimate edition ($1.99, download) adds skins, support for over sixty symptoms & moods, e-mail export, breast exam reminders, and more.

iPosture Companion (free, download) - Instructional aid to help people monitor and improve their posture.

iPump Abs & Core ($1.99, download), iPump Pilates ($1.99, download), iPump Stretch ($1.99, download), iPump Yoga ($1.99, download) - A series of nicely illustrated fitness apps with clear instructions on how to perform various types of exercises.

Islet ($2.99, download) - A diabetes management application with export function for tracking blood glucose readings, carbohydrate intake, insulin injections, and exercise.

iTreadmill ($0.99, download) - Turns your iPhone into a pedometer for walking and running. Unlike many other such apps, this one does not use GPS.

iPregnant (free, download) - Calendar and more to record and track your pregnancy from the developer behind iPeriod.

iTriage (Symptom checker) (free, download) - Comprehensive medical and emergency app that conveniently places you and your family's health records; information about diseases, procedures, and symptoms; the ability to find a doctor or treatment; emergency phone numbers; and more in one place.

Kenkou ($0.99, download) - Helps you track and graph vital personal health stats, including blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, exercise, food, mood, and weight.

Lose It! (free, download) - Food and exercise log that aims to help you lose weight by setting goals and sticking to a daily calorie budget.

Medical Lab Tests ($5.99, download) - Provides data, including normal values , for the most common laboratory tests.

Medzio (free, download) - Reference that offers a wealth of information on a variety of health and medical-related topics.

MotionX GPS Sport ($2.99, download) - Displays your position on street, topo/terrain and satellite maps; records time, distance, speed and max speed.

My Medical ($1.99, download) - Database to track and manage all of your personal and family's medical data.


Pain Free ($4.99, download) - Gathers information about your personal back pain and then provides you with a specialized exercise program.

PsychTerms (free, download) - A reference with over 1000 definitions of commonly used psychiatric and mental health terms, phrases and definitions.

Pzizz Relax ($9.99, download) - Another app to help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer.

Quitter (free, download) - Supports those trying to quit smoking by keeping track of how long it's been since their last smoke and how much money they've saved in the process.

RunKeeper Pro ($9.99, download) - Uses iPhone's GPS function automatically track and map your runs. The data is then synced to the RunKeeper website and, if you want, shared on Facebook.

SOS! Emergency Preparedness ($3.99, download) - Step-by-step guides to help you get through a myriad of emergency situations; includes First Aid, CPR and Disaster Recovery guide.

soundAMP 2.0 ($0.99, download) - Amplify sounds in your environment so you can hear them better through your iPhone's earbuds.


Swine Flu Tracker (free, download) - Graphically maps the spread of threatening diseases such as the H1N1 flu virus.

The FoodScanner ($0.99, download) - Scan the UPC barcodes on the foods you eat to quickly obtain and track nutritional information.

The Pill Book ($9.99, download) - Mobile edition of the well-known FDA-approved drug information guide.

The Wheel ($0.99, download) - A gestational age calculator to determine the estimated delivery date of a pregnancy based on the first day of a woman's last menstrual period.

WebMD Mobile (free, download) - Mobile edition of the well-known medical site includes the following main sections: WebMD Symptom Checker, First Aid Essentials, Conditions, Drugs & Treatments, Pill Identification Tool, Local Health Listings, and much more.

Weightbot ($1.99, download) - Tracks and graphs BMI and progress of those tying to lose (or even gain )weight.

Weight Watchers Mobile (free, download) - Official app of the popular weight loss program provides basic features to everyone and more advanced functions (such as point tracking and a food database) to Weight Watchers subscribers.

Wellness4one (free, download) - A simple fitness app for logging and tracking workouts.

White Noise ($1.99, download) - Alarm clock that also provides ambient sounds to help you sleep or relax.

Woman Calendar ($9.99, download) - Fertility awareness app for those want to try or avoid getting pregnant.

Zen Timer - Meditation Timer ($1.99, download) - A timer that sounds a chime from a series of Tibetan bells for meditative and relaxation purposes.

Zicam I Can Club Cold & Flu Companion (free, download) - Provides data on heck cold and flu activity specific areas; simply enter a zip code.


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