Mobile Download Guide: Top iPhone Finance Apps for Mobile Banking

accountr.jpgIndividuals and businesses (both big and small) often turn to smartphones and handhelds to help manage their finances on a daily basis. It's been like this for years and is no different with the iPhone, where tons of mobile money apps (i.e. expense trackers, loan trackers, calculators, banking, etc.) have helped folks keep their financial houses in order from day one.

In this article, we offer a comprehensive survey of over 80 of the best and most useful of these mobile-money-management apps—both free and paid. Most stand alone but some integrate with desktop programs such as Quicken, Money and Excel or your bank's online services.

As with the other categories we've covered in our ongoing series on great mobile downloads, people will often turn to their company's most technically savvy employees to find out what financial apps they should install on their iPhones. This feature, like those past ones, can serve as a guide to help these information technology managers confidently and confidentially make those recommendations.


While all the apps listed won't apply for every end user, most will find some combination of these downloads valuable when looking to turn their iPhones into productive financial tools.

Accountr ($0.99, download) - Unites an expense, earnings, and budget tracker in one convenient place.

Ace Budget ($0.99, download) - Handy app to help you track expenses and income on a daily, weekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Lite version (download) limits users to 20 transactions.

ACTCurrency ($0.99, download) - Currency converter with support for the daily exchange rates of nearly 200 world currencies.

ACTPrinter ($0.99, download) - Virtual printer that allows you to 'print' documents such as coupons and electronic boarding passes from your Mac to your iPhone or iPod touch.

American Express (free, download) - Makes managing your American Express card account a breeze. Discover Mobile (free, download) is a similar app for Discover Card users.

Argosity (free, download) - Easily record every transaction you make for budgeting and tracking purposes; even allows multiple people to enter transactions in a single account.


Ask Dave Ramsey (free, download) - Place financial advice as well as audio and video segments from the popular radio and CNBC host in the palm of your hand.

ATM Hunter (free, download) - Leverages GPS to locate ATMs nearest to your location.

Balance (free, download) - Manage, track, and export the balances and transactions of all your financial accounts. Pro edition (available via in-app purchase) supports multiple accounts and recurring transactions.

Bank of America Mobile Banking (free, download) - Like mobile apps from many other banks this one lets you check balances, pay bills, find ATMS and banks, and transfer funds between accounts.

Examples of similar apps from other banks include Chase Finance (free, download); Citi Mobile (free, download); ING Direct (free, download) U.S. Bank Mobile Wallet (free, download); and Wells Fargo Mobile (free, download).

Bank Tracker (free, download) - Ties into MyBankTracker.com to help folks locate branches of over 9,000 banks in the U.S.

BillMinder ($0.99, download) - Simplifies the tracking and paying of bills.


Blaze Mobile Wallet (free, download) - All purpose app that enables users to make purchases, transfer funds, bank and manage their finances. Stores all your financial data securely on remote servers.

Bludget (0.99, download) - Expense manger that lets you create and track a weekly or monthly budget.

Bloomberg Mobile (free, download) - Brings financial news and information source to the iPhone; includes a stock tracker.

CardStar (free, download) - Input and access barcodes and data for discount, reward and membership cards on your iPhone where they can be scanned directly from the screen.

Checkbook ($1.99, download) - Point of this app is to replace your paper checkbook with a handy electronic one.

CheckPlease Lite (free , download) - Use to calculate a tip or split a bill among multiple individuals. Full version ($0.99, download) does not show ads.


CNBC Real-Time (free, download) - Provides real-time stock quotes from the NYSE and NASDAQ as well as other financial data and business news right in your hand.

Credit Card Debt ($0.99, download) - Let's you track and manage your credit cards to deliver an detailed picture of your debt load.

Currency Exchange ($0.99, download) - Currency conversion calculator for over 225 currencies.

DailyFinance (free , download) - Delivers real-time quotes and news from thousands of sources and the ability to track multiple portfolios to investors in the financial markets.

Day Bank ($1.99, download) - Bill and budget management that works standalone or as a companion to the desktop.

Debt Dog ($0.99, download) - Simple app that lays out how much your credit cards are costing you in the long run.

DebtTracker Pro ($2.99, download) - Develop and track a pay off plan your credit cards and other debts using Dave Ramsey's debt snowball system.

Documents To Go ($9.99, download) - Microsoft Office compatible mobile office suite enables to you carry and use your financial spreadsheets with you at all times and then - of course - sync them with your desktop.


E*Trade Mobile (free, download) - Allows those with E*Trade accounts to track and trade stocks and options with live quotes, charts, and alerts.

Expense2GO for Salesforce (free, download) - Create and synchronize Salesforce CRM compatible expense reports.

EZ Loan Pro ($0.99, download) - A loan mortgage calculator to help determine monthly payments and more. EZ Loan Calc (free, download), unlike the paid edition, does not let you save loan calculations in a history.

Fidelity Investments (free, download) - Manage and track your Fidelity Investments portfolio and trade stocks; includes charting, research and news features.

Financer ($1.99, download) - Mange all your bank accounts through this electronic checkbook register.

HomeBudget with Sync ($4.99, download) - Expense, budget, and income tracker with support for syncing groups or families of devices within a single household.

iCheckBalance ($1.99 , download) - Spreadsheet-like checkbook and bill tracking program.

iCredit Calculator ($0.99, download) - Credit Card debt repayment calculator that can export results as PDF file.

iPiggy Lite (free, download) - Will calculate how much you need to save on a per day, week, month or yearly basis to achieve a specific goal, such as vacation, car, iPod etc. If you would like to 5 savings presets, check out the full version of iPiggy.


iSpreadsheet ($2,99, download) - Don't require a full-fledged mobile office app for your iPhone? Then this Excel, Numbers, Open Office, and Google Docs compatible program may just be the ticket for viewing and managing your financial spreadsheets on your mobile.

iStockManager (free, download) - Make trades and access your TD AMERITRADE account when on the movie.

iTithe ($2.99, download) - Track donations to charites for tax purposes.

iXpenseIt ($4.99, download) - Highly rated business-focused mobile app f or tracking daily expenses and budgeting; will even store photos of receipts.

JotNot Scanner Pro ($4.99, download) - User your iPhone's camera to scan documents, including receipts, and convert them to PDFs, JPEGs, or PNGs files for e-mailing or uploading to the cloud.

Jumpsoft Money (free, download) - Track financial transactions and set budgets; syncs with desktop version of app.

Loan Calculator Pro ($0.99, download) - Determine the monthly payment schedule of fixed rate loans.

MileBug ($0.99, download) - Mileage tracker for keeping tabs on tax-deductible driving.

Mint.com Personal Finance (free, download) - Budget and financial minder that automatically syncs with all your accounts.

Mobile Banking on AT&T (free, download) - Mobile banking and money management software for the iPhone from the exclusive carrier of Apple's smartphone in the U.S.

Money 4.0 ($4.99, download) - Popular mobile app enables you to track all your accounts, transactions, and budgets through reports and charts. Track your income and expenses for each account (wallet). You can enter information manually or through OFX import. Free (download) demo version available.

MoneyPass ATM Locator (free, download) - Helps you find surcharge-free ATM owned and operated by Elan Financial Services, a division of U.S. Bank National Association.

Moneypedia ($1.99, download) - Fun app presents samples of currency banknotes from around the globe.


moneyStrands (free, download) - Monitor and view checking, savings, and credit balances and transactions as well as budgets; compatible with over 8,000 financial institutions.

Mortgage Calculator ($0.99, download) - Highly rated mortgage calculator includes the ability to save loans, send loan info and amortization schedule via email--sports large keypad for easy input.

MyLoan ($1.99, download) - Another mortgage calculator, but this one also supports the evaluation of credit card debit as well as other types of fixed-rate consumer (car and auto) student loans.

MyPayment ($0.99, download) - Calculate the monthly payment for a house using purchase price, down payment, interest rate, and length of loan.

Pageonce Bills (free, download) - Track spending and pay bills on time through useful due date reminders and push notifications.

Pageonce Personal Finance (free, download) - In addition to managing bills, this app includes bank, loan, investment, cell phone, and travel management features.

PayPal (free, download) - Transfer cash between bank and PayPal accounts, manage the latter, or send money to a friend or relative right from your iPhone.

Pennies ($2.99, download) - Simple and easy to use monthly budget and expense tracker.


PocketMoney ($4.99, download) - One of the most comprehensive and - at 14 years - oldest personal finance managers and virtual checkbooks available for mobile devices. Lite free version (download) limits the number of accounts, transactions, and budget categories supported.

PortfolioLive ($5.99, download) - Stock portfolio tracking and management app with real-time stock quote engine.

Puluwai Real Estate Search (free, download) - Ad supported real estate app lets you search homes, get details on and directions to a property, save favorites, share information via email, and directly contact sellers or agents.

QFolio HD (free, download) - App to manage your stock portfolio and receive real time quotes and currency conversions.

QuikOffice for iPhone ($9.99, download) - Mobile office suite that's second only to Documents To Go in terms of longevity; manage and work those work and personal financial spreadsheets while on the go.

Receipts ($4.99, download) - Organize and track business and personal expenses (including car mileage). Latest version includes support for the capturing of multiple receipt photos, attaching a voice memo to a receipt, and uploading expense reports to Google Docs and Evernote. Free light edition (download) limited to only ten receipts.

Save Benjis ($0.99, download) - Shopping app that gets you the best prices for goods on the Web so as to save you money in the real world. Save Benjis+ ($0.99, download) includes a barcode scanner for easy lookup.

Shoeboxed (free, download) - A virtual shoebox to capture and store IRS accepted digital receipts.

Simple Budget ($1.99, download) - Budget manager that lets you track and evaluate your progress on a daily basis.

SplashID ($4.99, download) - Information and password manager for the iPhone and iPod touch that includes "Finger Pattern Login" to make it easy for users to access data and difficult for potential identity thieves to access and steal all of your passwords, account numbers, web logins, etc.

SplashMoney ($4.99, download) - Longtime financial management application that lets users download their recent banking account activities through a wireless connection and synchronize the data with a PC.

Suze Orman's Money Tools (free, download) - Financial expert places money advice and tools-- such as a Buy Now vs. Save Now calculator, Compound Interest Forecaster, Debt Eliminator, Expense Tracker tool, and action plan--as well a chapter excerpt from her Women & Money book on your iPhone.

WalletWhiz ($0.99, download) - Manage your budget through this app's popular and unique calendar view or a more traditional Categories view.


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