Top 50 iPad Apps for Networking and Communicating

The iPad is the perfect mobile device for staying connected on-the-go. With these 50 iPad apps, you can stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers, as well as stay connected to your social networks. The mobile downloads cover email, chat, texting, messaging and social networking.

Have iPad app, will travel. And fortunately, the iPad's jumbo screen makes it an excellent way to keep in touch with your family, friends, social network, and fellow employees when you’re on the run. Here are the best iPad apps for communicating and networking. Let the app downloading begin.

Email iPad Apps

1) QuickVoice2Text Email ($2.99): Tired of typing into your iPad? Get this app and you can dictate your emails, instead.

2) FileMagnet ($4.99): This app makes it easy to copy files from your computer to your iPad. It works with the iPad’s Mail program to let you quickly save attachments.

3) NotePrinter ($4.99): Use NotePrinter to send your notes and e-mails to a Wi-Fi-enabled printer without additional software.

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