The Top 50 Free Windows Phone 7 Apps

Microsoft is making bold strides to regain relevance in the mobile market with the release this year of the new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7. The software giant is hoping the WP7 ecosystem will thrive, and nurture a successful new crop of Windows smartphones. To do that, there has to be a healthy inventory of mobile apps, and so far there's signs that developers will be attracted to the platform as the Windows Phone Marketplace starts to fill up. Here we list 50 of the best Windows Phone 7 apps to date. And, the best part? They're free.

Microsoft's newest mobile phone OS, Windows Phone 7, is so much different from the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile platforms that their apps aren't compatible. However, the incompatibility isn't all bad. Now you'll find newer, fresher, and better overall apps -- rivaling those for the iPhone and Android.

Here you'll discover 50 of the best Windows 7 free apps, all of which you can find in the Windows Phone Marketplace on your phone or PC with Zune.

Now get your WP7 app on!

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50 Best Free Apps for Windows Phone 7


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