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Mobile Cloud Computing: How to Secure Data

As the use of mobile devices in the enterprise soars, so does the deployment of mobile cloud applications. We offer a guideline for keeping mobile cloud data safe.

CES 2010: Mobile Device Security Tips

Mobile Internet devices took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, which means new security risks for enterprise IT. We offer 10 tips for countering against wireless vulnerabilities.

Hackers Turn Their Attention to Smartphones, Apps

A new hoax circulating through the BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 service is a just the tip of the iceberg according to security software vendor McAfee.

Dynamic Duo: Two Vendor-neutral WLAN Management Services

If you are researching WLAN management applications that are vendor agnostic, consider AirWave from Aruba Networks and WiFi Manager from ManageEngine. We highlight some features from these two services.

Securing GSM in Wake of Exposed Vulnerability

The GSM code was vulnerable even before the recent hack by Karsten Nohl made headlines across the world. We highlight services you can use to keep calls secure while the issue is being evaluated by the GSM Association.

Hacker Exposes Cell Phone Encryption

German researcher presents findings purporting to demonstrate weakness of GSM standard.

WIPS for Deploying New Wi-Fi Standard

AirTight, a firm specializing in Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems, can help you protect your network if you're prepping for a Wi-Fi upgrade.

Symantec Launches Mobile Management Suite

Symantec recently rolled out a trio of new offerings for protecting mobile devices and data in the enterprise.

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