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Google's Plan: Android Wearable Computers for Everyone

Google is launching an "Android Wear" project to expand the world of wearable computing for consumers, starting with developer tools for Android smartwatches.

Google Closes Motorola Mobility Deal

$12.5 Billion acquisition is now official.

RIM Calls Up New CEO

Founders and co-CEOs Lazaridis and Balsillie have stepped aside to give Thorsten Heins the reins of Research In Motion.

Google: Less Than 1 Percent of Android Devices Run Latest OS

Google says only 0.6 percent of Android devices run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.

RIM Misses Targets, New Blackberry 10 Phones Delayed

Another rough quarter for the smartphone vendor as delays and competitive challenges set in.

AT&T Pulls the Plug on T-Mobile Bid at FCC

AT&T set to take a $4 billion charge as T-Mobile merger falters

FCC Set to Oppose AT&T T-Mobile Acquisition

$39 Billion deal could be in trouble.

The Dirty Dozen Smartphones: Why IT Admins Should Care

Security firm Bit9 says a majority of smartphones are running out-of-date and insecure operating systems that present a threat to critical business data. It has created a list of 12 of the most vulnerable smartphones. Guess who dominates the list?

Who Are the Top Five Mobile Phone Makers?

Feature phones may be on their way out but they're still key to the current healthy market for mobile phones in general, according to a new report.

HP Gets Into Mobile App Development

New services debut from HP to help enterprise make the jump to mobile apps

Nokia Debuts Windows Phones But Not Here

It's about time. Nokia introduces its first Windows Phone handsets and promises more to come -- next year.

Windows Phone 'Mango' Launch Edges Closer

On the heels of a new iPhone launch, a top Microsoft exec is talking up Windows Phone 7.5, which is nearing its own commercial launch.

Corporate 'App Stores' Gain Converts

Canalys predicts that 'enterprise app stores will redefine channel IT business over the next three years.'

No iPhone 5 This Time, but Meet the New iPhone 4S

Get ready for more iPhone 5 rumors in the future, because what Apple introduced today is called the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Antes Up for Android Patents

Microsoft and Samsung have signed a patent deal to keep one of the U.S.'s biggest smartphone makers from Android patent suits.

Microsoft Says 'Mango' Updates Nearly Here

Microsoft says it will start distributing the Windows Phone 'Mango' update in the next two weeks, cautions impatient users to avoid leaked copies.

AT&T Showcases Three New Windows 'Mango' Phones

AT&T says it will launch its first Windows Phone 'Mango' smartphones -- one from HTC and two from Samsung -- in the fourth quarter.

Will Microsoft Give Out Windows 8 Tablets?

Microsoft plans to ratchet up attention on Windows 8 tablets at its upcoming developers conference next week.

Will Android Fork Rejoin Linux Mainline?

Linux creator figures it will take a long time, but it will happen

Google Acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

Google enters the hardware business in a bid to expand Android

Will 'Mango' Go Out to Windows Phone Owners in September?

As the launch of the first major update to Windows Phone approaches, rumors fly as to when current users can update their phones.

Is a Shakeout Due for Smartphone OS Vendors?

A new report says that the move from feature phones to smartphones is about to trigger a major shift in who will lead the market a year or two down the road.

Will Google and Microsoft Go To Court Over Android? Teaser: The dust up over patent rights and Google's Android mobile operating system ratcheted up another notch this week as Microsoft swung back a

The dust-up over patent rights and Google's Android mobile operating system ratcheted up another notch this week as Microsoft swung back at a provocative blog post from the search giant.

Will Nokia Show Its First Windows Phone in Mid-August?

A party that Microsoft and Nokia have planned in Germany later this month might be the place to see the first Windows Phone Nokia handset but the companies seem to be setting limited expectations.

Sales of Phones Up Again as Feature Phones Decline

Apple gains from customers' shift away from feature phones and the trend towards smartphones.

Microsoft 'Refreshes' Dev Tools for Windows Phone 'Mango'

Microsoft ships refreshed developer tools for writing Windows Phone ‘Mango’ apps.

Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 'Mango' to Manufacturing

Microsoft appears to be right on schedule with the "Mango" update to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft Says Tablets Part of the 'Ecosystem' Not a Different Beast

The president of Microsoft’s phone business explains why the company is focusing on Windows 8 for tablets instead of using Windows Phone.

Microsoft Collects Android Royalties from OEMs

Microsoft has been arguing that Android isn't 'free,' and as more Android OEMs sign on the dotted line to pay patent royalties, it's apparent it's convincing some makers that it's right.

Nortel Patents sold for $4.5 Billion

Google loses out as Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, Research In Motion and Sony win patent auction.

Microsoft to Get Royalties From Another Android Device

Microsoft announces that another Android operating system vendor has agreed to pay it for use of patented technologies incorporated into the open source mobile OS.

RIM Revenues Up, But Not Enough for the Street

Product delays and economic slowdown cuts BlackBerry maker's stock price.

Windows Phone to Beat Apple iOS in 2015

Lower prices for smartphones and data plans will help drive the growing rush for users to move off of feature phones.

iOS 5 Improves Browsing, Notifications and Updates

Apple is addressing a host of long-standing concerns while baking in new features such as integrated Twitter support.

Microsoft to Show Off Tablet OS Next Week

A senior Microsoft executive is rumored to demonstrate its tablet OS next week.

Nokia to Ship New Windows Phones Every 2-3 Months

Once the Nokia juggernaut begins to roll with its first Windows Phones, look out below, because the Finnish phone manufacturer plans to roll out new devices every two or three months.

Apple iOS Gets New Opera Browser

Safari isn't the only browser for iPhone AND iPad users, Opera is now out with Opera 6 . What makes it any different than Safari?

Microsoft Shows New 'Mango' Features

In classic Microsoft manner, the software giant held a gala to demo new features coming in the first major WP7 update, and promised to hold more events in the future.

'Mango' to Add 500 New Features

Microsoft plans to announce new features coming to Windows Phone 7's first major update Tuesday at a gala in New York.

Android Leads the Smartphone Pack

A new Gartner study reports rapid growth in smartphone use but so far Microsoft is not the recipient of mobile love.

Microsoft Makes Windows Phone 7 Business Case

With its upcoming Windows Phone release -- codenamed Mango -- Microsoft attempts to show it's not neglecting business users with WP7.

Mobile Storage Goes Wireless

Mobile storage -- don't leave the office without it.

Google Rolls Out Its 'Chromebook' Netbook

Customers impatient to get their hands on Google's Chromebook portables have only one more month to wait.

Smartphone Sales Taking Off

According to IDC, the rankings of smartphone vendors held steady, despite almost doubling of sales in the first quarter.

Windows Phone Users Hung by Update Hack

Users of an 'unofficial' updater for Windows Phone 7 have gotten themselves in a jam that may prevent them from ever updating their phones again.

Top 5 Mobile Phone Makers

The top five phone makers held their ground in 2011's first quarter, but gains by smaller manufacturers undercut some of their market share, according to IDC. Apple was a bright spot, says the research firm.

Gartner Predicts WP7 Will be No. 2 in 2015

In a new report on mobile phone operating systems, analysts firm Gartner sees Windows Phone as a strong second place in 2015. It's a déjà vu moment.

Does Microsoft Have a Chance With Windows Phone?

A new analyst report predicts that, while Android appears to be destined to lead the smartphone OS pack, it may be a surprise who the firm has pegged for second place.

Microsoft Rolls Out First WP7 Update

Owners of Windows Phone 7 handsets will start receiving an update, beginning this week, that adds copy and paste functionality to Microsoft's phones.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Debuts on Verizon, Will Customers 'Get' It?

Verizon's first LTE handset comes out today on the heels of several impressive 4G smartphones on other carriers -- but do consumers know what 4G is?

Is Amazon the Answer to iPad Dominance in 2011?

The iPad 2 goes on sale today as more data comes out supporting its estimated 80 percent market share, though one analyst nominates Amazon as a potential foe.

Honeycomb 'Unstable, Poorly Designed' Says Analyst

Android 3.0, as tested on the Motorola Xoom, has a confusing UI and suffers from quality issues, says an analyst in a research note to clients.

Apple Drops iOS 4.3 Ahead of Schedule

Faster Safari browsing, GSM hotspot functionality and improved video streaming come to Apple's mobile devices with update to iOS.

Android Ranks No. 1 in U.S. Mobile OS Market: comScore

Google's mobile OS Android dethroned Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform to lead the market for the first time in a comScore survey.

Wild Windows Phone 7 Update Ride Continues

After suffering some complete system failures with Windows Phone 7's first update, the re-released version is still failing to install on some Samsung phones.

Samsung Mulling 10-Inch Galaxy Tab Price Cut

The Korean electronics giant is re-evaluating the price and features of the new Galaxy Tab in the wake of the iPad 2 debut.

Apple Seeking Unlimited iTunes Downloads Across Mobile Devices

iTunes users may be granted unlimited downloads of purchased music to their family of Apple mobile devices, according to reports.

iPad 2 Not an Enterprise Slam Dunk?

Analyst says Apple missed an opportunity to push out would-be tablet competitors in the enterprise.

Why iPad to Grab 80% of Tablet Market: Analyst

We break down why the iPad 2 will help Apple retain its vaunted spot in the tablet market as well as update where the competition stands.

Steve Jobs: iPad 2 Coming March 11 on Verizon, AT&T

Jobs presents faster, slimmer iPad 2 and calls 2011 "year of the copycats" as Apple's second tablet debuts before most competitors are out of the gate.

Tablets Are Future Cash Cows for Carriers: Report

Tablets and e-readers are poised to be big money-makers for wireless data carriers -- if they move to multiple-device data plans, according to one analyst.

RIM Responds to BlackBerry PlayBook App Dev Gripes

A developer says the process for creating apps for the PlayBook are costly and cumbersome -- RIM responds.

Microsoft Divulges More on Windows Phone Problems

Microsoft gives more info on bricked Windows Phones, while an enthusiasts' site claims to have a workaround for some crashed devices -- but use at your own risk.

'Small' Windows Phone Update Has Big Impact

After Microsoft quietly sent out an innocuous-seeming update to its new smartphone operating system earlier this week, some users' phones were bricked.

Apple Gears Up for iPad 2 Release?

Invitations to a media event in San Francisco March 2 point to an updated iPad release. Also, Apple shareholders vote on CEO succession plans.

Sen. Warner Introduces Spectrum Auction Bill

Virginia Democrat offers legislation to authorize the Federal Communications Commission to conduct so-called incentive auctions to reallocate spectrum from TV broadcasters to wireless broadband providers.

Microsoft and Nokia Push Ahead With Windows Phone 7

Nokia gives developers free WP7 phones, while Microsoft extends mobile reach to the Mac.

Budget iPhone on Tap, AT&T iPhone Faster than Verizon's: Report

The Verizon iPhone is better at call performance while AT&T's has faster transfers, and details of a new budget iPhone reportedly in the works.

Moto Chief: Honeycomb Mobile OS to Include Google Music Service

Motorola's Sanjay Jha suggests that when the Xoom ships with Android 3.0 it will include a digital music offering backed by Google.

Google Answers Apple With More Flexible Digital Content Payment Plan

Google rolls out publisher-friendly payment plan for online content, one day after Apple's new -- and controversial -- digital content payment system is trotted out.

Update: Disgruntled Nokia Shareholder Group Disbands

A small band of disaffected Nokia shareholders that want to rescind the pact with Microsoft appears to have given up the fight.

Apple Spells Out iPhone, iPad Content Subscription Terms

Although Apple is simplifying access to content, it is also strictly enforcing revenue sharing terms.

HTC Unveils Flyer Tablet with Digital Pen, Facebook Phones and Updated Android Smartphones

The Android pioneer enters the tablet PC race with 4G Flyer and revamps its Android smartphone line with something for everyone.

Apple Prepping 4-Inch Display for iPhone 5?

Put the white iPhone 4 and iPad 2 rumors on the back burner: today it's all about the iPhone 5's screen size and keyboard -- yes, keyboard.

Microsoft Chief Ballmer Talks Windows Phones at Mobile World Congress

The company’s execs outlined an upcoming major update to Windows Phone 7 aimed at making it more attractive to buyers. Meanwhile, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said during his keynote that the Microsoft deal will pay it "billions."


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