Time to Go for 'Mobile SEO'?

The gradual move of smartphone browsing from traditional mobile Web to iPhone-style full HTML surfing makes mobile search engine optimization (SEO) convoluted -- and perhaps archaic, Bryson Meunier of search-industry site SearchEngineLand.com writes.

However, Google reports 50 times more searches from iPhones than other devices. So don't give up on the mobile Web just yet. Although the wireless Internet is becoming more desktop-like, the behavior and needs of users are still quite different.

As Meunier notes, "mobile search behavior differs from desktop search behavior in frequency, category, and intent." Therefore, he adds:

With the understanding that mobile searches are searching differently, the easiest, most effective way for a webmaster to make her site relevant to mobile searchers is to create mobile-specific content that is tightly-themed for relevant mobile searches. It’s not absolutely necessary at this point, but it could make a site more competitive for mobile searches than a site that doesn’t consider the mobile user experience.

So mobile SEO isn't dead yet, not by a long shot, it seems.

How will mobile SEO be measured? Organizations that track searches will have to be able to tell which queries come from which devices, and the content will need to be tailored to mobile searchers.


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