3G Glitches Zap Nokia's N5800 Smartphone


Apple's iPhone, the Blackberry Bold and Nokia's N5800 smartphone now have something in common that's unlikely to make their manufacturers proud: They've all come under scrutiny for problems with 3G high-speed wireless connectivity.

The latest to falter is Nokia's six-month-old N5800, sales of which have been halted in the New York market due to problems with its 3G connectivity. The unit went on sale in the U.S. just last week.

The news comes as Nokia aims to push into the lucrative U.S. smartphone market dominated by Research in Motion's BlackBerry portfolio, with Apple growing rapidly.

The N5800, also known as the 5800 Xpress Music, boasts a touchscreen and close ties to Nokia's music download service. Unlike most phones sold in the U.S., it's also not tied to an exclusive carrier. The unit's launch in fall marked the first major offensive by Nokia to challenge Apple and its popular iPhone.

Now, however, the world's largest phone maker will have to cope with a setback in that plan.

The N5800 "is unavailable as we had problems with 3G connectivity and network problems," a customer service rep at Nokia's New York flagship store told InternetNews.com this morning. "There is no timeframe at this point when we'll be selling it again."

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