iPod Touch Due for High-Res Camera and Video Chat?

The next big release from Apple will likely be the launch of a new iPod, something the company has done the past several years around early September in advance of back to school buying and the Christmas holiday shopping season. And if the latest rumors are on track, the iPod will be getting the biggest upgrade in some time.

The iPod was integral in reversing Apple's fortune a decade ago but has since been supplanted by the iPhone and iPad, both of which can also play music and games and run applications as the iPod does. In recent years Apple moved away from the traditional iPod design with the wheel controller in favor of the iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone without the phone. Other than that, it has the same interface and runs all of the apps on the App Store.

With the iPhone 4 getting a significant hardware and software upgrade, the iPod Touch may be next.