Deutsche Telekom Partnering on AWS IoT Solution

BONN, Germany — Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE are collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to simplify the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprises. 

The new zero-touch integration service makes sure that devices are quickly connected to the worldwide IoT network of Deutsche Telekom and set up and running through an automated device onboarding to AWS, according to Deutsche Telekom this week.

The integration is designed to reduce the complexity of IoT solutions for customers.

1NCE is an IoT carrier with a focus on low-bandwidth IoT connectivity.

The “plug-and-play” IoT offering by the partners is achieved by automatizing the complete integration of IoT applications into the customers’ solutions environment. 

The manual challenges in many IoT setups, especially in the mass rollout of applications, are, instead, handled automatically. 

“The Internet of Things is an important topic for our customers mastering their digitalization journey. The implementation of IoT needs to be easier and customer-centric,” said Hagen Rickmann, who’s responsible for Telekom Deutschland’s operations with business customers. 

“The seamless connection of IoT networks and the cloud will support this.”

Courtesy Deutsche Telekom.

 The zero-touch IoT integration features the following:

  • Secure identification of devices and registration into the cloud environment

  • The implementation of corresponding data protocols for each individual use case

  • The SIM card itself being used as the authentication entity, fully automatizing the authentication and onboarding process of the device 

  • The use of leaner protocols, such as UDP and CoAP, in combination with AWS is enabled. This is important in the field of low power wide-area network (LPWAN) communication where lean protocols are mandatory. 

“Our customers are looking to solve real-world problems using IoT as an enabler and need maximum flexibility on the connectivity side to do it,” said Michael MacKenzie, general manager of IoT connectivity and control services, AWS. 

The integration solution combines with AWS’ secure and reliable infrastructure and the reach of 5G to “allow our customers to innovate faster and focus on the main job of creating business value,” MacKenzie said.

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